Whoever Wants the Next Generation Will Get Them

By May 2, 2013Blog

“My servant Caleb… he has a different spirit in him and has followed me fully… ” Num. 14:24; Joshua 14:6-10

This week I was reminded of a spring where I had the privilege of working on getting our garden ready to plant with my two boys, Joshua and Stephen, as our first major project together. Now, they are seven and five and our project is a little different. We’ve been moving into a new home over the last month. The task was a large one… build planters (our new garden layout of choice) finish the downstairs basement, build and stain custom bunks with Papa, and keep your “cool” in the midst of chaos all-the-while living in two locations and being out of town twice.

When I work together with children sometimes times I do the best I can to pump them up about “working” with dad. One time, me and the boys rode together to Lowe’s and sang some of their favorite songs… “I’ll Fly Away,” “Sanctuary,” and one of their all-time favorites, “Jingle Bells—Shotgun Shells—Granny Had a Gun,” ‘She went out to the hunting club, and boy she had some fun!’

While on our way to Lowe’s that spring day, I went over our game plan. I told them what we would be doing in the yard and what we would need to get to finish the job. They got excited about getting dirt (compost). What little boy doesn’t get excited about dirt? But, they really did not connect with the whole “work” thing until I got them a pair of “work gloves” and boy did they get pumped and psyched. Stephen tore the tags off his gloves before I could get to the cashier to pay for them. After purchasing those gloves, the boys couldn’t wait to get home to go to “work.”

I was so encouraged to see them fill their Tonka dump trumps with compost and drive them down the rows in the garden to unload and come back for more. “Working” with dad in the garden was so popular that the girls and mommy wanted to get in on the action as soon as they got home from the grocery store. I’m glad they did because we were “working” together as a family and we got a lot more accomplished. By the end of the day we put out 30 bags of compost, installed a fence around the garden, and covered the isles in-between the rows with a paper barrier and hay to keep the weeds down. I just wished I would have bought four more pairs of gloves. The girls wanted to wear the boy’s gloves so bad. Those gloves did something for our boys and girls as we worked together in the yard for most of that day.

This time, the project and songs have been different and the Tonka dump truck has some battle scars. We still sing the same songs but have added a few different ones because we are all growing… “10,000 Reasons,” “Mighty To Save,” “Obedience,” and our boys favorite, “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down.” While riding down the road in a big yellow moving truck from Woodstock, GA to Ball Ground, GA and back… as I look at the big picture I can honestly say it’s been loud and it’s been great!

In this move God has provided several people to help us get settled. One day last week, six senior adult men helped me finish up the last little bit. This morning another senior adult man will help finish the drywall for the girls room. There have been others who have donated supplies, a meal, and still others who gave of their time and talent to help get us settled. We have been blessed! I believe that each one who has touched our family in helping with this move has helped shape all of us (especially our children) in some way over the last month. As a family we have seen leadership, responsibility, character, and courage on display throughout this major undertaking.

These men and women helping us are of a different spirit, and I pray that it is contagious.

It has been said, “They don’t make them like they used to.” But I say, “They ought to!!” I honestly believe the days that you and I are living in and the days that our children will live in will require men and women that are of a different spirit. It will be a day in which only the Godly man and Godly woman will be able to navigate. As Caleb, the generation of children today will face days where they must be faithfully fit, emotionally energized, and spiritually sound.

Whoever wants the next generation will get them! And for you and I to raise boys and girls of a different spirit such as the one Caleb had, many of our children will need to trade in their Nintendo DS, iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer, sport, etc… for a pair of work gloves. And perhaps as parents, we might need to make a few trades for a pair of gloves as well so that we can go to work and raise a generation of children like they used to… because we need to.

Let’s go get some real momentum for the next generation,


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