Dear friends,

Our journey over this last year has been one of faith and trust in Jesus, only Jesus. In November of 2020, God broadened the vision for REAL MOMENTUM and our mission of Helping Men Win to include developing Sanctuary Hills (, a Christian Retreat Property with 4 Cottages and a Lodge and we are well on our way! 

While on this journey of faith, God has led us to Vision 121, which comes from Psalms 121. The most we’ve raised in year-end giving has been a little over $31,000 and that was a few years ago. This year, God has impressed upon our hearts to rely on Him by trusting Him to provide $121,000 by the end of the year.

We are expecting God to move, and He already has been! 

  • One Cottage, Brave Bear has been fully funded and is nearing the end of construction.
  • Several men have already used their construction talents on developing the property by helping us establish the infrastructure for the road, power, and water.
  • On November 11th, we were given the Deed to the remaining portion of the Busler Farm. That’s 20 additional acres with a house, 2 barns, and a garage. Wow – to God be all the glory! Mr. Busler said, “I love what you’re doing up here on this hill and I don’t want to get in the way of God and what He wants to do with this property.” He can’t stop smiling!

Would you prayerfully consider Vision 121 for Sanctuary Hills, a new retreat ministry of REAL MOMENTUM? 

You can give online today through or mail a check by December 31st. We’ve already raised nearly $30,000!


We are asking God to help us raise $121,000 by Dec 31st so we can begin construction on 3 more Cottages: Cedar Haven, Raven’s Rest, and Shepherd’s Hope – and The Lodge. God gave us $21,000 on Vision Day with many guests committing to give by the end of the year!


We are asking God to raise up 12 churches that will add Sanctuary Hills to their Missions Budget. 7 churches in GA, TN, MS, and AL have already responded and will be adding us to their missions giving plan.


We are asking God to raise up 121 Donors to join our Monthly Support Team. This team will pledge to pray regularly and give monthly at any level to help this vision come alive. No amount is too small.

We believe it has been a privilege for God to call us to start Sanctuary Hills. It is also a privilege and honor to ask you to join us in what God is doing!

Unto the Hills!

Keith & Nichole Boggs

Become a part of the Giving Team!


As we look back to see all that God did, one phrase of a recent testimony lingers in my mind, “The Lord has used REAL MOMENTUM to change the legacy of my family.” God has given us a significant privilege by calling us to touch men, families, and churches! Over last year, God continued to help us “set in order things that are lacking and raise up elders in every city.” Titus 1:5. 

We hosted nearly 40 different events for men in churches and cites from Sioux Falls, SD to Avon Park, FL and several states in between. These opportunities have allowed us to help churches reach and disciple thousands of men, impacting families and churches. 

We desire to be missional, intentional, and relational. This focus has allowed us to build relationships with pastors and churches since 2012. God has given us a special brotherhood among these churches that is significant and powerful. We anticipate this movement of men to continue gaining some ‘real momentum’ and we’re excited to grow old together advancing the Kingdom of God! 

Bret Donovan has done an excellent job transitioning into the leader of Woodstock REAL MOMENTUM. I regularly get glowing reports from church leaders and men that are involved there at FBC Woodstock. We pray that God will continue using the men of FBC Woodstock to impact families and churches to the ends of the earth! 

This ministry is a diamond in the rough that is beginning to sparkle! Dennis Wilder has done a great job leading this mission to pastors over the last six years. There were 31 pastors who experienced renewal and encouragement this year. We already have retreats in 2022 that are full. Be sure to check out and bless your pastor with this great opportunity – especially if he loves the outdoors. 
Vision Day was our first gathering for Sanctuary Hills and nearly 70 guests from four different states joined us on the day after Thanksgiving. God used it to help us realize just how special this place will be once everything is completed! We anticipate being able to use Brave Bear Cottage in March and hope that all 4 Cottages and The Lodge will be completed by the Fall of 2022. Please pray that God would make this happen! We also appreciate your prayerful consideration in giving a year-end gift and joining our monthly support team. 


As we move into a new year of ministry, we start the year very strong with a full schedule of men’s ministry events (in GA, SC, TN, AL, KY, and more), marriage retreats (in GA, KY, and OH, and more) –and a unique opportunity at the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference and the Georgia Baptist Evangelism Conference. We also begin another year of missional presence with monthly gatherings for men in Dalton, GA at The Barn, with The Beasley Group in Hazlehurst, GA as well as an ongoing presence in many local churches. 

I’m also excited to announce that we’re partnering with churches for 40 Days of Revival for Men again during the summer! Beginning July 11th in Cleveland, TN at Bellefounte Baptist Church we will kick off 8 weeks (maybe more) of meetings the summer calling men back to God, their family, and the church. We already have six churches confirmed and another six (potentially more) looking to confirm soon! Pray for wisdom and favor as we schedule the speakers for each night in each location. May God send revival and may it begin in MEN! 

Lastly, with great anticipation, I’m excited about launching ANVIL, an intentional outreach focused on reaching and discipling the next generation of young men. We will pilot this ministry March 11-12 for the REAL MOMENTUM 

Weekend at Catoosa Outdoor Worship Sport in Wetumka, AL so look for details soon! 

Your prayers are appreciated and needed as we continue to walk by faith, being led of the Spirit in all that we do to help families and churches experience the power of reaching and discipling men!

Our team would love the opportunity to come to your church or men’s ministry and host an event.