The Most Powerful Team on the Planet

By December 13, 2013Blog

“The most powerful team on the planet is a husband and wife walking in oneness before a Holy God. And, God is calling me to be the MVP.” I have made that statement several times this past year in ministering to men and families in churches from several different states in many special settings.

Today marks 16 years ago that I stood before God with family and friends as witnesses gathered, holding the hand of a sweet, beautiful lady, Amy Nichole Williams.

That day, we became one with God in covenant marriage. Today and together as one, our aim continues to be the glory of God and our hope, the grace of God… ultimately displaying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By no means have we arrived, but we are moving with relentless passion as one toward all that He had planned for us to be long ago.

I am not so sure that I am living as the MVP in this covenant. My wife is amazing! To out-perform her would be a miracle. God has graced Nichole uniquely, and those of you who know her, can see that very clearly. So, I am most needy in the same grace of God to love, Nichole, as Christ loved the church. I want to be the Most Valuable Partner in my covenant with her so that Jesus is glorified in Nichole being loved by me, her husband, the way she deserves to be loved. 


So, by faith and empowered by the grace of God, I, Keith Boggs…

1. Resolve to Love Nichole by Leading. Nichole, by the grace and for the glory of our great God, I seek to lead you and our family to be everything He has created you and them to be so that we all can continue to grow in the likeness and love of Jesus Christ.

2. Resolve to Love Nichole by Lifting. Nichole, by the grace and for the glory of our great God, I seek to lift you with honor in conversation and conduct wherever we go and whatever we do as a valuable and priceless blessing to me, and our children… Madison, Morgan, Mallory, Meghan, Joshua, Stephen, Maleah, and Mercy.

3. Resolve to Love Nichole by Listening. Nichole, by the grace and for the glory of our great God, I seek to be quick to listen and slow to speak so that I may help you instead of wounding and hurting you, realizing that God has created you to be His help to me.

4. Resolve to Love Nichole by Learning. Nichole, by the grace and for the glory of our great God, I seek to stay close to you, to mingle with you, to follow hard after you, to stay very close by you, to hold on to you, to not turn lose of you, to be near you so that I may glorify Him about you!

5. Resolve to Love Nichole by Lasting. Nichole, by the grace and for the glory of our great God, I am going to live first unto the Lord Jesus and go the distance with you and for you! 

For Nichole, Our Children & Our Children’s Children;
In the Name of My Great God, Jesus Christ;
By His Presence & Power,

Keith Boggs
December 13, 2013


Some of you maybe wondering, “Why would he write a blog about this?” I am reminded of a powerful passage in Nehemiah 4 which I have included below that I long to see happening in our homes and churches around the world. Would you pray for us, as we pray for you? 

Therefore I positioned men behind the lower parts of the wall,
at the openings; and I set the people according to their families,
with their swords, their spears, and their bows.

And I looked, and arose and said
to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people,

“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome,
and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”
~ NEHEMIAH 4:13-14 ~


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  • Nichole says:

    What amazing words. But, I have to say that what got me the most was, “For Nichole, Our Children, and Our Children’s Children.” I think because I know we both realize that this life God has called us to together will reach far beyond what we see. May we bring Him glory together. Thank you for this, and I love you!!

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