Ronnie, President/CEO, Ronnie Smith Ministries, Inc.

READ Matthew 28:18-20

The main verb in this passage is “make disciples.” It could be rendered, “As you go, make disciples.” In order for us to make disciples we have to be involved in people’s lives. We must show them we care, and then at the opportune time, share the good news of Christ with them. At that point we can challenge them to turn from their sin and put their faith in the finished work of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. This is a command for the believer in Christ.

Here is what Robert Coleman has to say about this passage: “Evangelism is not an optional accessory to our life. It is the heart beat of all we are called to do. It is the commission of the church which gives meaning to all else that is undertaken in the name of Christ.”

So we are to present Christ to people and pray for them in their journey to salvation. Once they are saved, we should walk with them, teach them, hold them accountable and encourage them to obey the Lord. This will take sacrifice and commitment on your part.

Here is a great place to start. Write down 3 people in your sphere of influence that need Jesus. Begin to pray for them daily. Ask the Lord to give you an opportunity to witness to them, and for Him to send others to witness to them as well. As the Lord opens the door, push away fear and intimidation. Tell them what they need to hear. God wants to use you to bring about life change in people’s lives. Go for it!

Dear God, grow my desire to tell people about Your Son. Give be the boldness and compassion I need, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

@Real_Momentum Today: God wants to use you to bring about life change in people’s lives. Go for it!  #realmomentum

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