Real Momentum offers tailored men’s ministry coaching, local church events and an intentional mission development process in reaching and discipling men. We help families and churches experience the power of men’s discipleship.

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Local Church Events

Igniting a Movement

Far too many churches are leaving men off of their calendars, out of their budgets, and behind in their disciple-making strategies. Don’t let another day go by without making men a priority in your church and city.

What’s At Steak for Men – A 1-Night Men’s Event with a great steak dinner and a powerful challenge that will speak biblically, prophetically, and directly to the hearts of men.

Men’s Gatherings – Our men’s gatherings are designed to create a lot momentum and capture the momentum that’s created in an intentional next step.

Marriage Getaways, Retreats, & Date Nights – Keith and his wife, Nichole, enjoy engaging couples as they teach together from their marital experiences with a transparent desire of strengthening marriages for the glory of God.

Men’s Ministry Coaching

Fanning the Flame

Ministry to men in most churches is often an afterthought met with growing frustrations found at home, in the church, and around the world. We believe men and those they lead are more important than one weekend.

We combine proven ministry experience to assess, plan, and pray through a collaboration process with the senior pastor, staff, and key lay leaders to recommend a ministry plan that makes men the priority of your disciple-making strategy

Our coaching is tailor-made for each church and we offer pre or post event consultations as well as one-time or ongoing. We want to see churches take ownership in helping men win in their relationship with God, their families, and church to the ends of the earth.

Mission Development

Fueling the Wildfire

Men are the largest unengaged and under-reached people group in America. We seek to partner with like minded churches and ministries to rally together in the battle for men’s souls.

We facilitate and organize regional men’s conferences, pastors luncheons, and round-table discussions to equip leaders who refuse to leave men the way they find them ultimately transforming families and churches to the ends of the earth.

We currently have a missional presence with monthly gatherings of men that meeting in East Atlanta, Dalton, GA, Lumber City, GA, Eddyville, KY, Titus, AL. Click on the button below to register for one of these gatherings.

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The Real Momentum App

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This app focuses on helping men win in their relationship with God, family, and church to the end of the earth. The audio and video content is designed intentionally to help men in their personal journey toward biblical manhood as well as a tool for men to use while discipling or mentoring other men one on one or small group.