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We would appreciate your prayers this weekend. We leave this morning as a family headed for Fayetteville, NC. I will have the honor of speaking to men five times over the next three days, and then once to the entire church body at Cumberland Union Baptist Church where John Blackman is pastor. My wife, Nichole, will be speaking to the ladies on Sunday morning.

This is not the first time this format has been suggested. I guess men need more focused ministry than do women? When you read the following exert from Patrick Morley’s book, No Man Left Behind, I can understand why pastors are providing more of an emphasis on men…

Men in the church face the same challenges and frustrations as men outside the church. For example, for every ten men in the church:

  • 9 will have children who leave the church.
  • 8 will not find their job satisfying.
  • 6 will pay the monthly minimum on the credit card bills.
  • 5 will have a major problem with pornography.
  • 4 will get divorced–affecting 1 million children each year.
  • Only 1 will have a biblical worldview.
  • All 10 will struggle to balance work and family.

I am sure it is safe to assume that the men in Fayetteville would be like most men in the other cities I have had the privilege to visit. Men are in need. They are in need of Him. And many of them are responding.

So, continue praying with us for a movement of men that transforms families and churches to the ends of the earth. Pray as the Lord leads you, but also press in and pray…

  • that God will give churches a renewed vision for the importance of ministering to and intentionally discipling every men in their church.
  • that God would work in the lives of men you know who are failing in some way–spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and relationally.
  • that God will continue to bond our hearts together for a movement of men and that He will call others to join us for REAL MOMENTUM to the ends of the earth!

Have a Jesus Filled Weekend!


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