Prayer Is Key to REAL MOMENTUM

By May 17, 2013Blog

I can’t believe I wanted to turn the heater on the other morning and it is the middle of May! As I bundled up with my sweater and cup of coffee, I was overcome with great praise and thanksgiving as I prayed over my husband and two sons.

The specific prayer this morning was for God to help them grow in wisdom and grant them favor with God and man.

I begin to see how God has already been doing this in the life of my husband and I so desire it in the life of my boys as well! The Bible says that Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and he gained favor with God and man. I put Keith, Joshua, and Stephen’s name in that verse. Later, I go on to read where good sense gains favor with man. How do we gain good sense? In Psalm 19, Scripture tells us that the Word of God is pure and will make the simple wise!

Interesting that my alone time before The Lord in my commitment to pray for the men in my life and then in another time where I brought our children around to encourage them in the Word, that God would connect the two times and I would see how gaining favor with man directly correlates to gaining the wisdom of God! There will be people in our lives that see it and appreciate it and we will be blessed because of it!

I am having a wonderful time laying the three most special guys in my life at the feet of Jesus on a regular basis!

Want to join me?

Even if I never see change (although I am!!!), the change may very well take place in me.

May I leave you with a most meaningful testimony that I have received? I pray it will stir your heart to begin praying for your husband, son(s), father, brother(s), future husband, future son-in-law’ etc.. like never before!


May 9, 2013 | “Keith- my husband didn’t get to attend the REAL MOMENTUM Men’s Conference at Screven due to his work schedule, and for that I am very sorry. However, he has been greatly affected by the message that Nichole gave to me that Sunday morning. :) Stevie and I have been married for 18 years, and serving the Lord together for 16 of those years, but we have never experienced God in our marriage the way we have since I heard Nichole speak. For the past 10 days I have been thanking my husband (for things that I never really noticed before) and I have used the 31 Days of Prayer Guide* that Nichole passed out. I’m shocked at how different my thoughts and actions have been towards him over the past 1 1/2 weeks. I’m equally shocked at how he has responded. I really can’t put it all into words– ‘A transformed Christ centered marriage’ are the closest words that I can find to express how those 2 simple acts have worked in my life. Please share this with Nichole and let her know how VERY MUCH I appreciate her teaching me and the other ladies how to show Christ like love to our husbands. Thank you both for sharing your lives with all of us.”

–Joy Sanders, Georegtown, SC


I will share later this week on two very important things to team up together with so this time of prayer becomes a power packed commitment that will change your life!

Praying for REAL MOMENTUM that transforms families and churches to the ends of the earth!

*© Revive Our Hearts. Used with permission.

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