As we move into a new year, we are overwhelmed at how God has chosen to use men and women like you to help us engage men, encourage families, and equip churches for a movement of men to the ends of the earth.

At REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc. we have daily ministry needs as well as regional, national, and global mission projects and opportunities that God has led us to follow Him in and we want to invite you to join us!

There are greater things still to be done, will you pray with us?

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1 As 2015 begins, please pray for the spring speaking schedule for Keith and Nichole. It is completely full, praise God! Pray that the Lord Jesus would grant wisdom and grace through each opportunity in engaging men, encouraging families, and equipping churches for a movement of men.

2 Pray that your church will bring ministry to men to the forefront of their disciple-making process. Ask God to stir the pastors and staff across America for men to unite hearts to develop an effective discipleship ministry to men.

3 Tomorrow, Keith will be leading an important vision casting meeting at FBC Woodstock for an intentional discipleship focus to and through men in North Atlanta. After a few months of prayer and discussions with the men who help shape the focus and direction of REAL MOMENTUM, we firmly believe that God is leading us to begin a more intentional discipleship focus that involves ministering to and through the men living in our community. Pray that the men attending the meeting will grasp God’s vision for a greater movement of godly men in the North Atlanta area and to the ends of the earth.

4 Lift up Clark Osborn, Midwest Regional Director for REAL MOMENTUM, as he continues to prepare for the upcoming Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conference. Ask God to prepare each speaker and the volunteers as we anticipate ministering to hundreds of men in the Omaha area.

5 Tomorrow morning, 77 TIME meets early for Dad’s of young men and women who attend Mount Paran Christian School. Keith will be leading a study on No Man Left Behind for the remainder of the school year. Pray that God would ignite a movement of men that will result in generational transformation. Lift up Steve Cannon as he lead this great group.

6 Take time today to pray for men to stand up and be counted among those who want to do great things for God’s kingdom. Pray for the empowering work of the Holy Spirit to help men be fully committed to truth and to act in love.

7 The average man sitting in your church knows, deep down, that he could be more than he has become. What are you and I doing to help him become that man? We need your prayers and with God’s help we can continue to find ways to engage, encourage, and equip men with families and churches in mind.

8 The best way to renew our mind and think like God is to read God’s Word regularly. The Bible asserts that the words it contains are God’s words and they are “living and active.” Pray that God will use His word to awaken men!

9 The Lord has surrounded Keith, Nichole, and their children with a great team of Board Members who are engaged in the mission. Pray that God would continue to give wisdom and focus to each member and that we will walk by faith and not by sight for a movement of men.

10 Please pray for the men and women who will be attending the REAL MOMENTUM Weekend at New Providence Baptist Church in Guyton, GA.

11 Please pray for Keith as he challenges the men of New Providence to be engaged in igniting a movement of godly men in their homes, church, and community.  

12 Pray today for Nichole as she has the opportunity to speak into the lives of the ladies attending the REAL MOMENTUM Weekend at New Providence. Pray for Nichole to have favor in encouraging women to cry out to God in prayer for their husbands. 

13 Several men will be participating in our morning prayer conference call at 7:30am today. There is no doubt we need revival, especially among men. We are fervently praying for God to move in the lives of men. Join us!

14 In one week, the 2015 REAL MOMENTUM Men’s Conference will begin at New Life Baptist Church in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Pastor John Webb and the REAL MOMENTUM team are preparing their messages to speak to the hearts of men of the Dominican Republic. Pray that God would give favor for each session and that each man attending would be encouraged to ignite a movement of godly men in their homes, church, and community.

15 Tonight the Board of Directors will gather together for devotion and prayer in seeking God for a movement of men. God is at work and momentum is building. Please pray for wisdom and counsel to follow God’s leading in a movement of men that transforms families and churches to the ends of the earth.

16 Please pray for those attending the REAL MOMENTUM Video Shoot for the new REAL MOMENTUM App. Several men will be telling their story of REAL MOMENTUM about how living in a right relationship with God, at home, and through the church really does impact the ends of the earth. Pray that God will guide every word spoken, every man filmed, every edit made for a movement of men!

17 Pray for the Ministries who are in partnership with REAL MOMENTUM. Life Action Ministries, OneCry, Ministry Ventures, National Coalition of Ministries to Men, Iron Sharpens Iron, Man in the Mirror, Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva Santiago, Dominican Republic and others.

18 Nichole will have the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Georgia Baptist Ministers Wives’ Retreat January 30-31. Pray that she will have the time she desires to pray and prepare so that she can minister with God’s tocuh to these precious women.

19 Please pray for those who will be traveling to Santiago, Dominican Republic. Tomorrow begins the mission of a REAL MOMENTUM Men’s Conference at New Life Baptist Church. Pray for God’s hand to be upon the team’s travel to and from the country as well as on the field.

20 Pray as the team arrives in Santiago. They will begin serving their by prayer walking and inviting men in the community to attend the conference. May New Life Baptist Church be encouraged by their hard work in seeing that no man is left behind.

21Pray for the REAL MOMENTUM team and the first part of the week, they will be needed in projects to help New Life Baptist in the renovation of their new building. Projects include painting, building a closet and shelves, cabinet doors, and some electrical work. Pray their service will be productive and honoring to God.

22 Keith’s daughters, Madison and Morgan have joined him onsite to minister to the great people of New Life Baptist Church. Pray that God would enlarge Madison and Morgan’s heart for the Kindgom.

23 John Webb and Keith Boggs will be keynote speakers for the conference. Pray that the power of God will rest on these men as they speak and share their heart for the men to own a this movement of godly men that impact homes, churches, and communities across the region. Brandon Rosko will be the only American leading a breakout session. Awesome!

24 Please pray for the team of men from the New Life Baptist Church who will lead breakout sessions for the first time in any conference setting. Pray for God to grant these men liberty to speak with passion and love as they encourage men to be fully committed to truth and to act in love.

25 Pray for REAL MOMENTUM team member, Brandon Rosko. Brandon will be the only American leading a breakout session. Pray for God to bring clarity and power as Brandon encourages men to win at home, in the church and their community.

26 Pray that God ignites a powerful movement of godly men that shakes the Dominican Republic and moves generations for His glory.

27 Give the Lord praise for what He has done during the REAL MOMENTUM Men’s conference this week.  Ask the Lord to bless the REAL MOMENTUM team as they will be traveling home to their families.

28 Pray for Keith and Steve Hyland as they prepare to speak at next month’s Iron Sharpens Iron Conference in Omaha, NE.

29 Pray for the REAL MOMENTUM team who will be joining Clark Osborn next month in Omaha, NE for the Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conference. Ask God to prepare each speaker and the volunteers as we anticipate ministering to hundreds of men in the Omaha area.

30 The devil has a much more effective plan to reach men than do most churches and REAL MOMENTUM exists to see that change. Pray that God would Nichole to bring awareness and focus for intentional discipleship for boys and men everywhere, beginning at home at the Georgia Baptist Ministers Wives’ Retreat today and tomorrow.

31 Please pray for the release of the REAL MOMENTUM app at this weekend’s Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference in Woodstock, GA. Pray for hundreds of men to download the app and begin consuming godly content to encourage them to act like men.