Brandon Rosko, Former Chairman of Deacons, FBC Woodstock, GA

READ Proverbs 3:5-6

My personal devotional life is, without question, the most important and essential aspect of my Christian life.  The only way to know God’s will for my life is to know God in an intimate and personal way.  Intimacy leads to Spiritual Growth, Cleansing, Guidance, Victory, Communion, and Vision.

Spiritual Growth – A basic ingredient for spiritual growth is personal time alone with God.  This means giving your undivided attention for a specific period of time when you talk with God and you hear from Him.  Spiritual growth is an increasing dependence upon God.

Spiritual Cleansing – It is necessary to be cleansed and purified by the washing of God’s Word.  Spiritual cleansing comes in your life as you obey and personalize God’s truths in your life.

Spiritual Guidance – Essential to know what to do today is to seek the Lord.  As we seek God’s direction in our decisions through His Word and in prayer, He will give us spiritual guidance.

Spiritual Victory – You must hide God’s word in your heart to not sin against Him.  God’s Word taken in and learned will give you victory over sin.  It will allow you to face the challenge and burden of today.  You are as safe as your personal devotions.

Spiritual Communion – We get to know the Lord as we meet with Him in our daily devotional life.  Get to know God!

Spiritual Vision – The will, plan, purpose, and passion of God exposed to you.

The daily devotional life with God in the Word and prayer should be an experience to enjoy and not an event to endure.

Father, change my plans.  Lead, guide, and direct my steps.  Set me apart for your good and faithful works.  May I represent you well today!

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