Brandon Rosko, Former Chairman of Deacons, FBC Woodstock, GA

READ Job 23:12; Matt 4:4

Who sets your priorities?

Do you leave the house in the morning without spending time with Jesus?

Everybody is busy!  Life is hard and we all have many circumstances and pressures that pull us in every direction.  The daily priority of most people is preparation for the work day or the school day which includes showering, checking the weather, picking out clothes, breakfast, and perhaps taking a look at the news.

Andrew Murray said, “God needs time with us.”  Really? The sovereign ruler of this universe needs something from each of us? Yes, He wants to speak into our lives and lead us to impact other for His glory.

Humans are creatures of habit. Pick a time and a place to spend time with your Lord. Picture Him sitting there in that place waiting to have a morning conversation with you.  You wouldn’t walk out if your best friend was sitting there waiting to talk.  He is real and He really wants to spend time with you.

The objective of the personal devotional life is a more personal and intimate relationship with God.  This is to be the priority of every believer in Christ.  My daily personal devotional life has become a major priority in my life and through my devotional times with God my priorities in life have changed.

My perspective in life and of the Lord has changed.  He has become near, real, intimate, adequate, and awesome!

Father, I cannot live by bread alone.  I need to hear from you.  Make your words more important to me than food itself.  Speak to me today!

Pick a time and place to spend time with God. Picture Him sitting there in that place waiting to have a conversation with you. #realmomentum


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