By Ronnie Smith, President/CEO, Ronnie Smith Ministries, Inc.

READ Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Dad’s role in the home is of utmost importance. You need to view your family as the little church that you shepherd. As you read the passage above, you saw that the man should first love God supremely, and then teach truth to his children. The truth of God should consume him. It is the filter which he should view all of life. I believe this instruction is to be formal and informal. 

Let me explain. The formal would be when you, on a regular basis, gather the family for prayer and scripture reading. 75% of families that attend church on Sunday morning never do this as a family. However, when we do, it shows that God is central in our lives and home. It can be a time of singing and praise as well. It does not have to be long, but it does need to be consistent. This is a time of teaching truth and being able to pray together. It is such a joy to hear your children pray.

The informal instruction happens as you go about your daily routine. You may be driving down the road, or walking through the woods, or sitting in your recliner when some teachable moment arises. You may be able to see something that triggers a spiritual truth that they need to know about. There are plenty of examples as you are out in public of what not to do as a follower of Christ. You can use the book of Proverbs to address many things like this. 

A recent statistic says that 80% of the young people in church stop attending regularly after high school. I would guess a large portion of these children did not have a dad who read the Bible to them and prayed with them on a regular basis. Don’t be that kind of dad. You can do it! Start today!

Dear God help me to continue to read to, pray with, and teach my family the Bible. Give me wisdom and strength to do so this day for Your glory! 

@Real_Momentum for Today: A father should first love God supremely and then teach truth to his children. The truth of God should consume him. #realmomentum


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