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“I just want to be honest… I am not the Spiritual leader of my family. But, I want to be. I really need your prayers, guys. I’ve let my wife down. I’ve let my children down. I have not been leading. I haven’t been a man of God and I need your prayers in becoming the husband and father my wife and children deserve.”

Those were not the exact words, but they are very close. Those words are very similar to the words I heard a dear man share in brokenness, from his heart, to a room full of “highly successful” men on a recent retreat. As a matter of fact, when I proceeded to ask the question, “How many of you would acknowledge that you are right where he is right now and you need prayer as well?” Every hand went up in the room… and God moved in!

In that same room… there was another man, with tears in his eyes, who spoke up and called out his own mediocrity and asked for men to come around him and hold him accountable. My mind went back to the days I played high school football when one of the leaders on the team would challenge the other players during halftime to step it up and leave it all on the field. This man was onto something. I could feel the momentum changing as he shared–in his brokenness–about not settling and wanting to make an impact in loving and leading his family.

And after a little while, I felt led to ask the men, “What is the one-word takeaway from the retreat?” Man after man shared the following words…  


And on it went for the next hour. With each word and testimony I could tell that men were being unleashed! I have received several emails detailing what God did when they returned to the families. Below is one of them from a man in the same room… In tears, he could barely get out his one word… “Men, to me this has been REAL.” 

What a much needed, special, God filled weekend!!!  I want to thank you for teaching us and sharing the Word with us during this time together.  I certainly felt the touch of the Master.  As I came home and spoke of our weekend together with my wife, daughter, and my son… I think it was evident to them that this was a start to a new and improved husband and dad. Momentum!!

First, I apologized to them for not being what I should be to them. We talked about the “busy life.”  We talked about the responsibility of a husband and a dad and I showed them the study guide we used. We talked about each of these words that were shared:  REPENTANCE. LEAD. MEDIOCRITY. UNITY. FAMILY. RESOLVE. PRAYER. EXCITED. FAITHFUL. IDENTITY. STAND. REAL. BUSY. DESIRE. FIGHT. RESPONSIBILITY. REVIVAL. AWESOME. MOMENT. MEN.  Again, I want to thank you for being with us.  I am so glad to be a small part of a great group of men. 

Moving forward,

The first step to becoming unleashed and unhindered as a man of God is to be honest. And, to be honest… in most any room filled with men, a very large majority of them are sitting in the same place… passive, disengaged, and floundering as the Spiritual leader of their family. Whether it is in a locker room, barbershop, coffee shop, or even in a room where deacon’s or elder’s gather to discuss “God’s Business,” a large majority of men are losing momentum in leading their family Spiritually. 

Yet, when lovingly confronted with a commanding Word from God about the Truth of their responsibility as a Spiritual leader of their family, a true man of God will repent and reconcile his with God, his wife and children, and His church. It is moving every time a man moves when God moves!

Pray for us as we will leave for North Carolina Friday. I will be leading a men’s conference Friday evening and Saturday morning, and preaching on Sunday. Nichole will be speaking to the ladies while we are there. We are trusting God to continue moving in the hearts of men, families, and His church… to the ends of the earth!

Keep Praying for a Movement of Men!

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