Jason Wade, Pharmacist

READ James 3:2

What did you expect when you married your bride? Did you think you had found someone to meet all your needs?  Were you going to live “happily ever after”?  If so, how’s your marriage doing?  Is there conflict?  Was that one of your expectations? Most likely it wasn’t. James 3:2 says that we stumble in many things. When two sinners say, “I do” there will be stumbling in many things. 

Perhaps you bought into the 50/50 plan.  You give 50 % and she gives 50%.  That plan is destined to fail because “50%” is up for interpretation.  For instance, what I think is 50%, my wife thinks is 10% …and vice versa.  In this plan, acceptance is based on performance, giving affection is based on merit, motivation for action is based on feeling, and rejection is based on focusing on weaknesses.  50/50 will never work because it’s based on unrealistic expectations.

So, what will work?  It’s going to take each of you giving 100% …each one sacrificially serving the other.  You see, the problem is your wife …and the problem is you. The solution is Jesus Christ. Only He can meet your every need. Only He can meet and surpass every expectation you will ever have.  Paul David Tripp says: “What the cross brings is fresh starts and new beginnings.”  That’s what every marriage needs. 

Lord, help me give my wife or future wife 100% because You gave 100%. Please forgive me when I have not given all for her. Lead me to seek forgiveness from her as well. Help me have a heart like Yours for my wife. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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