“HELP, LORD, for the godly man ceases!”

Our world is broken because men are broken.

There is a spiritual battle for the souls of men and their families.

But a faithful man who can find? Aren’t they in the church?

Men in the church face the same challenges as men outside the church.

For every ten men in the church:   YEImpact
   9 will have children who leave the church.
   5 will have a major problem with pornography.
   4 will get divorced-affecting 1 million children each year.
   1 will have a biblical worldview.
   All 10 will struggle to balance work and family.

When a man fails he doesn’t just ruin his own life, he usually takes down a good woman and one or more children with him. Join us in helping men step up at home and in the church to the ends of the earth!

SteveSonThe message of REAL MOMENTUM was an arrow to Steve’s heart, “It starts with me. I can’t blame my wife or my children. Until we get that right, nothing else will be right. It takes Christ to repair it.” 

Like Steve, many men are reconciling with God, their families, and the church. This year we have seen over 1,500 men respond in conferences, retreats, and camps that we have served. We believe that help is on the way for many more men like Steve! Because when men win, families win! When families win, churches win… to the ends of the earth!

LINK ARMS with us and help the next 1,500 men arise!Linking

Prayerfully consider how many men God wants you to help at only $20 per man. 

Let the Men of God Arise!
– Keith, Nichole & the Family

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