Steve Hyland, Retired from Coca Cola, REAL MOMENTUM Board Member

READ Philippians 2:6-8

After spending 30 years in the business world in marketing and management, looking back I attended several leadership seminars to be trained in various leadership techniques. All of the seminars were pretty similar in content. If you give a clear vision to your team, provide good strategic direction, and actions to execute your strategy you will be successful in your projects. Also, most team members will follow you because you are in the position of power and influence.

My approach in leadership has always been using these verses as a model and leading the way Jesus did… As a humble servant, leading through serving my team. What does that look like?

  • Lead through serving your team members to get to the finish line.
  • Be open to the ideas, thoughts, and other ways to get the job accomplished.
  • Always be hands on to help complete the task with the team.
  • Don’t ask others to do what you would not be willing to do.
  • Encourage other team members.
  • Communicate openly and honestly to all team members.

Try this approach first in your family and see how it works. Expand to your work and your church activities and before you know it, people will notice your style is different than most leaders. They will also see that your style is effective and people will want to be a part of your team. You will be leading Jesus’ way! Serving will also keep our egos in check, as power and position can go straight to our heads!

Father, thank you for the model of leading that Jesus gave us in His word and also demonstrated to while He was on the earth as a leader. I need Your wisdom and power to be a servant leader. Lead me by Your Spirit so others would see my example and be drawn to You. Amen.

@Real_Momentum for Today: Servant leadership will help keep your ego in check, as power and position can go straight to our heads! #realmomentum


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