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READ: Psalm 119:169-176

A few years back I had the privilege of walking through each word in each verse in Psalm 119 while preparing messages to preach. I started with a desire to get a better handle on the Word of God and by the time I finished, God had revealed to me that He wanted a better handle on me! And, I simply discovered that I was in need of personal revival.

In the last verse of this powerful chapter, the Psalmist is wandering about and in need of help. I can feel his desperate plea from reading his heart-cry in verse 169, “Let my cry come before You, O LORD! The word “wander” in verse 176 translates “off the right path” and we’re not careful we forget that we are prone to wander and to leave the God we love.

Take time to read the first eight verses and you will see how the Psalmist starts this great chapter on God’s great Word. No wonder he is crying out, he needs revival! He became aware of how far he had strayed from God and wanted to return.

Richard Owen Roberts, the great revivalist from Chicago, has clearly stated, “The highest priority of the day must be that of a full return to the God of the entire Bible.” I couldn’t agree more! Discovering my need for personal revival goes with me daily, now. I pay close attention to how I’m living because, if I’m not careful, I could be living out of God’s will.

I close with two questions:

As a man, where did God find you in this text?
As a man, what are you going to do about?

You Word, O Lord, is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path! Help me to know the way in which I should walk as a man. I seek Your face so that I may turn to You from my sin. In the Name of Jesus, work in me, work on me, and work through me! Amen.

@Real_Momentum Today: I pay close attention to how I’m living because, if I’m not careful, I could be living out of God’s will. #realmomentum


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  • Steve Gayton says:

    I praise God that 2 years ago this month that I attended the Johnny Hunt men’s conference at WBC and went to the breakout session led by Keith Boggs where he launched Real Momentum Ministries. God used Keith to start me on a journey to a closer walk with Him, and called me to be the man that he desires. It is still and always will be an ongoing process this side of Heaven. As I let go and let God he’s shaping me to be the man and spiritual leader he calls me to be in His Word. Thank You Keith Boggs for your obedience to Gods Word and call on your life.

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