Keith Boggs, Founder, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

READ Psalm 1

When God begins to move in your life as a man, you will be under constant pressure and temptation to be drawn off course. Developing good habits by practicing certain things each day will go a long way in helping you get some momentum going in the right direction. And if you are winning as a man, you are helping your family and church win. Sometimes we do things without practicing and we know the results, most times they are not very good. To get better, practice is required. To go to the next level, practice is required. To win, we must practice!

The following areas are where Jesus molded specific “practice habits:”

1. Practice Solitude. Jesus spent time alone with the Father. You and I can do no different. We need to get still and quiet before God so that He can speak into our lives. Begin practicing the privilege of solitude today!

2. Practice Prayer. Prayer is an essential act of the will that demonstrates whether we are really serious about living like Jesus. The posture of the heart is more important than the posture of the body, but prostrating our physical selves before God helps our heart posture. Believe God for the impossible and win in prayer!

3. Practice Knowing and Applying Scripture. It is all well and good to know that the Bible is useful, reliable, and valuable. It is another thing to make it your own in a practical way. Hear the Word, Read the Word, Study the Word, Memorize the Word, Meditate on the Word so that the Word becomes flesh in you as a man! 

4. Practice Accepting and Responding to God’s Unconditional Love. Yes, practice accepting and responding to God’s unconditional love. He really does love you!!! God’s unconditional love and promises are there so that we can find a never ending supply of what we need to live like a winner. You are more important than you think you are!

5. Practice Maintaining Accountability. Following Jesus can be lonely so get some other men around you who want to win and win together. We need other men in our lives with whom we can be open and honest with to avoid being blind in areas that matter. Find men who will look you in the eye and tell you the truth. Be that kind of man in return!

Get on a winning streak! By the way… an ugly win is still a win!!

Lord, please move in my life as a man. Fan the flame You’ve already ignited and help me experience all You desire. May my wife and children be favored and blessed because of my love and leadership to them. Take us and use us because of what You’re doing in me! Help men win, and keep on winning! Amen!

When God begins to move in your life as a man, you will be under constant pressure and temptation to be drawn off course. @Real_Momentum


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