40 Reasons Why They Love Me!

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Welcome to the ‘Old Man’s Club’ wrote one friend. You guessed it, I turned THE-BIG-FOUR-OH! Yep, I just went went over the hill! It was a special day to say the least. I was honored to be blessed and encouraged by so many on my 40th birthday. My birthday is special in that I have a twin brother, Kenny, who also celebrates his 40th as well. I enjoyed reading messages sent to him on Facebook. God is so good!

I was honored in so many ways… a video from my children, messages, blessings, calls, emails, gifts, date with my wife to LONGHORN (can I get a witness!!) etc… My brother and I also was given an Extreme Christian Outdoors Turkey Hunt that will be filmed in the spring! But, one of the greatest gifts I received, and will never forget, was from my children. Inspired by the list I gave my dad on his 70th Birthday of 70 things on how he made his mark on me, my children made me a list: ‘40 Reasons Why We Love You.‘ It was framed and Morgan read them to me at our 40th birthday party. I felt led to share them with you so that you would continue to lift me up in prayer because I want add to that list!


1. You let us play on the iPad.

2. You take us to games.

3. You take care of us no matter what.

4. You take us hunting.

5. You teach us our siblings are our best friends.

6. You comfort us when we are scared.

7. You give us a piece of gum.

8. You teach us to forgive.

9. You give us sweet drinks.

10. You tell us stories about when you were little.

11. You always try to make us smile.

12. You taught us to take the fish off the hook.

13. You make us laugh when we’re sad.

14. You read us the Bible after supper.

15. You let us pick where we want to eat on our birthday.

16. You taught us that there are 4 quarters in a football game.

17. You got us into watching the Andy Griffith show.

18. You taught us you have to have sunflower seeds at a baseball game.

19. You taught us how to play football.

20. You baptized some of us.

21. You pull our teeth.

22. You like to wrestle with us.

23. You let us help you work.

24. You take us fishing.

25. You taught us how to shoot a gun.

26. You make funny faces.

27. You love and honor mama.

28. You are an expert on the computer.

29. You loooove to dance!

30. You taught us how to shoot a bow and arrow.

31. You love the GEORGIA BULLDAWGS!

32. You make mama laugh.

33. You like to have fun.

34. You dance with us.

35. You taught most of us how to ride our bike.

36. You love your wife and children.

37. You teach us how to catch a lizard.

38. You like to be happy.

39. You are an amazing dad.

40. You are a very godly man.

Happy 40th Birthday Daddy

We Love You!



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