Mitch Temple, Executive Director, Fatherhood CoMission

READ 1 Peter 3:7

Is there hope for me and my wife?  Yes! Where there’s life, there is hope. Even when struggling emotions, past experiences and those around you say there is none, there is hope. It rises above all these and says take one more step. Hope whispers “look for a miracle” when our hearts may say “nothing will help.”  Hope says “look at the horizon” versus a past filled with darkness and hurt. 

If you haven’t read the first 10 lessons I’ve learned in 30 years of marriage, start here, then continue with the next 10 below. Read and reflect on each one prayerfully…

11. Move on (Healthy couples don’t live in the past. They deal with it and move forward. Don’t hold grudges. God and you are the only ones you are hurting).

12. There is value in just showing up- hanging in there even when the feelings are not there. Totally committed couples (those who have healthiest marriages) are those who are committed to showing up long enough for the bad things to go away and the good things to come back.

13. Be concerned when your spouse stops complaining or asking questions. They are probably withdrawn and have given up. Pray!

14. Your wife is not perfect, neither are you.  “A Flake or two is better than no flakes.”

15. Today we live in a nonlinear, point & click, mix & match, over saturated with info media world.  Be careful about too much technology that steals from your marriage.

16. Don’t try to solve problems when the stress level is high. Wait and tackle it later.

17. “Don’t believe your own Press.”  You are not as good as you think.

18. Don’t treat your kids or dog better than you do your wife.

19. Marriage is not just about being romantic, it’s about taking out the trash too.

20. If you do what you always have done, you will get same result – which is the definition of stupidity. Wise couples have learned that you have to approach problems differently to get better results. Often it’s the minor changes in approach, attitude, and actions that make the biggest difference in marriage.

Lord, please help me lead my wife in an understanding way. I don’t want to mistreat her; I want to honor her. Hep me listen with respect as she shares her heart. Set the pace of our marriage relationship in stride with You Word and Your Spirit. Be glorified as I seek to lead my wife with You help and power. Amen!

“Your wife is not perfect, neither are you.” Just 1 of 30 Lessons learned in 30 years of marriage you can glean on the @Real_Momentum App. 


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