Sterling Brown, Director of Character Development, Kennesaw State University Athletics 

READ 1 Samuel 30:1-6

Every athlete has a “go to” move.  When the team needs a few yards, a defensive stop or some crucial points, it’s the move that’s called upon.  New York Yankee, Mariano Rivera, had the “cut fastball.”  Opposing hitters could barely touch it.  NBA Hall of Fame legend, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, had the unstoppable “sky hook.” Opposing centers couldn’t block it. 

You and I have a “go-to” move for our inner lives.  It’s what you do to find peace when you’re stressed and where you turn when times are tough.  Too many men turn to destructive habits like alcohol or pornography.  Others bury themselves in work or seek escape through withdrawal.  In this moment in Scripture, the weight David felt must have been overwhelming.  Losing his family and his property, with his men threatening to kill him, Scripture tells us:

“But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” I Samuel 30:6 (ESV)

Every kid who grew up in the 80’s knew “the Crane.”  In the 1984 classic film, The Karate Kid, Daniel-San employs his “go-to” move.  With one broken leg and defeat seemingly inevitable, he raised his arms in the air, lifted a foot… and won the day.  

Pete Rose on the other hand was one of professional baseball’s all-time greats.  He won three World Series rings, three batting titles, two Gold Gloves, and one MVP trophy, plus held the record for the most hits (4,256) in MLB history.  In 1989, however, he was banned from baseball for betting on the game.  Unfortunately, Pete had a “go-to” move that would be his downfall.  

When the pressure is on, what’s your go-to move?  Whatever you turn to will either strengthen you or destroy you.

Father, forgive me for turning to other things for strength, identity, or satisfaction; Help me turn to You when life is confusing and difficult.  Jesus, thank You for being strong when I am weak, so that in You I find strength to face whatever comes my way. Amen.

When the pressure is on, what’s your go-to move?  Whatever you turn to will either strengthen you or destroy you. @Real_Momentum App

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