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Revival is a great work! Revival is a much needed work! The book of Nehemiah teaches us some major truths in regard to the work of revival. God’s desire for the nation of Israel was that they would be a nation through which He could bless the world. Nehemiah became desperate and surrendered to rebuild and restore the walls around the city of Jerusalem.

The work of revival today is no different than it was in Nehemiah’s day. We need a revival among our nation. A revival where nothing about us as individuals, families, churches, and communities remains the same.

A work of revival so significant that everything about us becomes everything about Jesus!

We can learn from the book of Nehemiah that when God begins the great work of revival, there will be…

The Heart of Man in the Work of Revival
In chapter one Nehemiah learns of the condition of Jerusalem. The Bible says that he sat down and wept and mourned for days, and continued fasting and praying before the God of heaven. He was moved in his heart. His burdened heart transformed into a burning heart and he began to move toward God.

When we take the time to seek God with our whole heart, the stage is set for the work of revival. In chapter one Nehemiah is waiting before the Lord. In chapter two Nehemiah is wanting before the Lord. As a result, Nehemiah becomes a man headed toward God.

We need to realize that for us to experience a work of revival we must wait. When we come into the presence of God through prayer, He will move in our hearts and we will begin to want revival. As a result of waiting and wanting, God had put something in Nehemiah’s heart to do for Jerusalem as he was inspecting the walls. He told no one as he considered the cost of rebuilding.

One thing is for sure, unless the Lord does something in our hearts to engage us for the work of revival things will continue on as business as usual. And there is enough of that in our day! Nehemiah was not satisfied with his own life and how he found Jerusalem so he sought the Lord in prayer and he got God’s attention.

But more importantly, God got hold of Nehemiah’s heart. He was a man who was broken before the Lord and open before the people. The bottom line is that you and I, our families and even our churches, will never stumble into revival. If we desire revival waiting and wanting are no option. We must seek the great Reviver if we desire to see such a great work!

There is no plan B.

The Hand of God in the Work of Revival
The One and only One who can bring revival is the Lord God Almighty! He is the One responsible for any move that would be in the form of rebuilding lives that are broken down and in need of repair. Only the God of heaven can bring a refreshing wind for our thirsty souls and hungry spirits. But, we must seek Him so that we can catch the fresh wind and the fresh fire.

The hand of God was upon Nehemiah and it was very evident throughout the rebuilding of the walls in Jerusalem. In chapter two, God provides all that Nehemiah needs to begin rebuilding the walls. He gets the king’s favor as well as the supplies he needs for the rebuilding project along the way.

Only God could do that!

The great truth is that Nehemiah is in Jerusalem because God wanted him there. And since God had burdened Nehemiah’s heart for Jerusalem, Nehemiah wanted to be there! God had appointed Him, and what an appointment! One of the great statements in this book is made by Nehemiah in chapter two, verse eighteen, he says… “And I told them of the hand of my God that had been upon me for good, and also of the words that the king had spoken to me. And they said, “Let us rise up and build.”

Awesome! Revival fires are burning!

But there are those that like things the way they are! So pay close attention to the third truth…

The Hindrance of Satan in the Work of Revival
When God begins a great work of revival in your life, your family, your church or community… you can count on the enemy being notified. He is a glory stealer! He hates any rebuilding of the things of God in our lives. He hates the rebuilding of prayer, obedience, holiness, forgiveness, reconciling, family devotions, accountability, and witnessing. He hates when the refreshing Spirit moves powerfully into hearts and homes across America.

So, when God begins a work of revival in your heart and He puts His hand upon you… you can expect the hindrance of Satan. Be certain that the enemy will launch a lethal attack to destroy this great new work of seeking God. The Scriptures mention two men in the first part of chapter two, Sanballat and Tobiah. Sanballat’s name means “the enemy is secret” (deception) and Tobiah’s name means “goodness of Jehovah” (division). It is obvious that Tobiah was divided and had no heart for the work of God as he joined with Sanballat in trying to deceive God’s people who were rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem.

By the end of chapter two, Geshem joins Sanballat and Tobiah. So, make note of this…

The more intense the warfare, the greater the confirmation and affirmation that you are right in the center of God’s will.

Their scheme is played out over the rebuilding project in chapters two through six. Gesham’s name means “a shower” or “rain.” As good as rain showers can be, they can also cause a lot of distraction. Just ask the baseball teams that are ready to take the field when before the umpire says “PLAY BALL” a storm moves in and the game is “rained out.”

Raining out God’s work of revival is exactly what Satan wants to do. He wants to put the revival fire out in your own life before it can spread to your spouse and children. He wants to put the revival fires out before they spread to another family or church; yes, even before these revival fires spread to your workplace or community. Don’t let him hinder the work of revival! Eliminate the deception, division, and distraction just as Nehemiah did and continue moving toward God by seeking Him for revival!

I can hear Nehemiah’s admonition ringing down through the ages as it becomes crystal clear with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to my heart as I write this post… “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes!

The work of revival is special. The work of revival is delicate. The work of revival is also life altaring. May the Lord Jesus find you and I seeking Him with our hearts so that His hand comes upon us resulting in the work of revival. And when that refreshing move of God invades our daily lives, let’s continue strengthening our hands for this good work and not come off the wall when Satan tries to hinder the greater work of revival in our personal lives, in our families, and in our churches.

Revival changes everything!



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    Keith WOW this is great I am so hungry for god ship, kingship and the move of god in our family and land that this has helped me to move ahead.



  • Jami Angulo says:

    Great article for something I consider near and dear to my heart – revival.

    God has laid a burden on my heart for revival. I have no doubt my city will become alive with new believers and His word will penetrate these city walls.

    Awesome and mighty is He who sits on the throne. . .

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