STOP! Do These 3 Things 1st!

By May 22, 2013Blog

Last week I shared how I have been praying for the three most important guys in my life in such a way that I have never done before. It has been such a blessing! Instead of beating myself up about not doing it like I should over these years, I am embracing this great opportunity by making a commitment to do it every day right now.

When God allows the opportunity for me to speak into the lives of women, I have been able to encourage them in this area. “Pray for the men in your life!” But, really that is the last part of my message to them. I have come to realize that if we really want to see momentum in the lives of our men in a way that glorifies God, then there are a few other components that I personally believe are vitally important.

As I hand out the 31 Days of Prayer For Your Husband Prayer Guide* (or in your case, a copy that I pray you print out using this link), I tell them at the very top there are three things that I want them to write down. I encourage them to do these before they actually pray a single thing over their husband, son, dad, or brother.

Today, I want to share with you the very first one.



In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, God tells us to give thanks in all things. I realize that if I cannot begin to give thanks for my husband then my spirit may not be prepared to pray genuinely.

I have a tendency to look at the negative and dwell on it. It has been hurtful in my marriage and in my parenting. Recently, Keith and I had a heart to heart. If there was a scale set before us, the negative comments would outweigh any thankfulness or encouragement I have given to him over the years. That deeply saddened me. I made a decision that day to see it change. For me, that means I must be intentional. Sometimes I am appreciative and thankful, but I don’t express it.

So, the very first thing I do whenever I come before the Lord to pray for him is thank God for something in Keith’s life. It may be something he has done for me or the children. It may be a character quality that he is strong in. It could be a number of things. Or, for some, it may only be one thing. In that case, thank God for that over and over. You will at some point find something else to be thankful for. It is a start!

For me, the prayer guide and the verses opened a whole new outlook on Keith’s life. I began to see things that were very good that I had not noticed before. More things to thank God! Thankfulness is important because it softens our heart toward our husband and it changes the direction of negative thinking into positive thinking that can bring forth change in our own hearts.

Don’t forget to express this thankfulness to them as well. It will do wonders for them. I promise you that!! Men thrive on affirmation and encouragement. Simply knowing that they are appreciated lifts them higher and helps set them on a course for victory.

This morning I thanked God for a husband who is sensitive to the spiritual needs of our children. I thanked God that my son, Joshua, has had a heart that is becoming tender to the things of God. I also thanked God for Stephen’s sweet kisses and sweet blue eyes. Whether the thankfulness is a result of spiritual or physical things is not the issue! Simply being thankful is the issue!

Ladies, we must become thankful, thankful, thankful. It will change our life. It will influence everyone around us.

Who are you praying for? Young ladies, begin to lift up your earthly father, your brothers, your future mate. Grandmothers, begin to lift up your husband, sons, and grandsons. Thank Him for them, but don’t forget to thank them too.

Our family has a great reason to celebrate and thank God this morning! Joshua, who came to his daddy in brokenness and repentance last night, gave his heart and life to Jesus as Keith counseled him and God’s Holy Spirit drew him. We have been praying and waiting on this day for quite some time. It was perfect and special in every way. To God be the glory!!

Thankful for my new little brother in Christ… now that is REAL MOMENTUM


*© Revive Our Hearts. Used with permission.

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