Jason Wade, Pharmacist

READ 1 Corinthians 13

Men and women are different. One way is communication. Someone has described it like spaghetti & waffles.

Women’s minds are like spaghetti.  Everything is connected and tangled like spaghetti noodles.  That’s why women remember things days, weeks, and sometimes months after they happened.

Men’s minds are like waffles. Everything is placed in compartments like the squares in waffles. Men give a thing all they have and then move on to the next compartment. They rarely think about the last compartment.  Obviously, this leads to conflict.

Here are a few tips on communication:

1. Make sure to address one issue at a time when you’re having a conflict.

2. To successfully navigate conflict, you need to have the right tools.

3. Seek to discover the reason why the conflict began. As you do, you will often find out what is important to your spouse.

4. All communication takes place on two levels: the content level (truth) and the relational level (love).

5. We are often too busy to listen to our spouses and resolve conflict.

6. We need to be present in the moment with our wives.

Bobby Conway says: “I think a lot of people would rather jump out of a moving car than communicate and face reality.”

God, this is real life… not a fairy tale. We need Your help to live victoriously as men. I pray things will slow down so we can gain momentum for our good and Your glory especially with those we love.

Men and women are different. @Real_Momentum for Men


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