Jason Wade, Pharmacist

READ Revelation 21:9

People leave churches for many reasons.  Some of them are valid.  Many are not.  Maybe that’s happened to you.  Perhaps you had a good reason to leave.  Maybe you didn’t.  Either way, hopefully you’ve found a church that’s alive and you’re serving Jesus faithfully there. It’s easy to think that other churches aren’t doing it right.  I used to think that way until a missionary friend shared a story with me.

Think back to your wedding day.  When your bride walked down the aisle, you thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.  She had spent hours getting ready for you.  She had many people fixing her hair, doing her nails, and helping her get dressed.  What if she had overslept, rolled out of bed, threw on some warm ups, jumped in her car, and made it to the church just in time to walk down the aisle?  Would you love her the same?  Yes. Of course you would… even though she didn’t look her best.

That’s how it is with the church. That’s Someone’s bride.  When I heard that story, the Holy Spirit got all over me.  I began to look at churches differently.  Few look like the first scenario.  Most look like the second.  Instead of focusing on the fact that a church doesn’t look her best, let’s help equip her to get there… to get ready for the bridegroom… Jesus Christ.

Lord, use me to help my church to advance the Kingdom. God help me be man that is praying for my pastor, serving those in my small group, ministering to those who You send my way. Help me help my church bring glory to You, in great Name of Jesus, Amen!

@Real_Momentum Today: Instead of focusing on the fact that a church doesn’t look her best, let’s help equip her to be her best. #realmomentum


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  • Anthony Austin says:

    We as followers of Christ Jesus should act as though we are and not expect others to act well – we on the other hand should act as though we are followers of Christ Jesus and want others to see Him through us….

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