Picture this…

My little Joshua has grown into a fine young man. Strong. Courageous. A man of great integrity. He has been called into a battle. The very first hard battle of his life. His victory is determined by whether or not Keith can keep his heavy and burdened arms raised up.

Keith loves Joshua and would do anything to see him win this battle. He has done all he can. Taught him and trained him. Loved him and disciplined him. Laughed and cried with him. He has done life together with Joshua. And, now it is his big day. “Keep your arms up, daddy!” Joshua says as he looks back and sees his father’s arm raised high. The battle is on! He is doing well. Making good decisions. Seeing God’s favor in his life. After a little while Keith’s arms are getting heavy. They are drooping. He just can’t keep them raised any longer.

Joshua begins to experience defeat. He is losing, and people around him are suffering because of it. “Oh no, here is a chair. Sit down and I will help you. Girls, come here! Your daddy needs us!” I recognize his weariness and Joshua’s struggle. I don’t want him to lose. Neither one of them. I position myself on one side and the girls rally together on the other. Over time, as we thank him, help him, forgive him, and pray for him, we begin to see those weary arms gain strength. They begin to rise up. So high, even, that as a discouraged Joshua looks up he sees his daddy’s arms higher than before, and Joshua wins the battle for generations to come.




Sound silly or sound familiar? That is what Aaron and Hur did for Moses in Exodus 17. They were his arm lifters and the Israelite army under the leadership of Joshua defeated the Amalekites and generations were affected.

Ladies, you may think I am over-dramatizing things a bit. But, I believe with all my heart that it will take us and our children to raise the arms of the men in our lives by thanking them, helping them, forgiving them, and praying for them so that we create such an atmosphere that the generation behind us can WIN and experience REAL MOMENTUM like never before!


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