Prayer Calendar June 2014

Fathers Matter

In some circles in today’s society, fathers are being considered irrelevant in parenting and leading their family. According to God’s Word, fathers matter and are to be honored. The influence of a godly father can have an eternal impact on his family and many generations that follow. Please take time this month to honor our fathers through prayer.

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1 G Campbell Morgan once said, “The Kingdom of God is not going to be advanced by our churches becoming filled with men, but men in our churches becoming filled with God. Beginning today, and each day of this month, pray for God to fill men to the full with His great power!

2 Keith Boggs, Executive Director, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc. Please pray for Keith and his wife, Nichole. Ask God to continue making Himself known personally and powerfully in each of their individual lives and their children. Ask the Lord to continue teaching them and leading them as they work to see REAL MOMENTUM become known as a movement of men that is being unleashed and unhindered for the glory of God transforming families and churches to the ends of the earth.

3 Pray for men and fathers to empty themselves and consider the needs of others more important than their own. May men become servant leaders of their home, church and occupation. (Philippians 2:3-8)

4 Today is the birthday of Keith’s dad, Gene Boggs. Pray that God would encourage him as a man of God. He continues to have a lasting impact on Keith and his siblings: Larry, Wanda, and Kenny. Gene’s life is leaving a legacy and we celebrate his life today! Also, a group of leaders will be meeting today with Keith and the Board of Directors to prepare for the Inaugural REAL MOMENTUM Golf Challenge which will be held in September of this year. Ask God for wisdom and favor as we seek to raise friends and funds for a movement of men.

5 Please pray for men and fathers to intensely pursue their God-given identity as the spiritual leader of their family. Pray for men to be courageous leaders in their home. Pray they have the courage to stand up and fight for their families. (Neh 4:14)

6 Pray that God will work in the lives of specific men you know who are failing in some way–spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and relationally. God can invade their hearts and lives, ask Him, now!

7 Pray for God to bless fathers with real momentum today as they lead their families to attend church because Christian discipleship begins at home.

8 Brenda Alton will be hosting a She Does Him Good Prayer Night in her home. Several ladies will be challenged by Nichole to commit to pray for their husbands. May God use each woman’s heart cry to ignite a movement of men.

9 Several men will be participating in our monthly prayer conference call at 7AM tomorrow. There is no doubt that we need revival, especially among men. We are fervently praying for God to move in the lives of men. Join us!

10 Keith believes that the largest unengaged people group in America today are men, even though they attend worship services on Sundays and even conferences on the weekend. Ask God to speak into the heart of every man, helping him see just how important he really is to his family and his church. 

11 Joe Malloy, Board Chairman for REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.—Please pray for Joe and his wife, Janet. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for Joe to receive the wisdom he needs in his role as Board Chairman.

12 Kelly Davidson, Director of Young Singles at FBC Woodstock, has invited Keith and Nichole to come and kick off a Summer Series of Friday Nights for young men and women who are single. They have been asked to speak on Being Real Men and Real Women. Ask the Lord to stir these young singles onto biblical manhood and true womanhood for His glory. Lift up Kelly to our Lord and ask Him to give her wisdom as she leads this generation, many who will be future husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. 

13 Pray for the next generation of men and fathers. Pray for a young man you personally know to become a faithful, godly man who will love and lead like Christ.

14 Pray for a great desire in fathers to become the prayer leader in their home. (James 5:16)

15 Today is Father’s Day. Pray that God would embolden each father with a clear vision to disciple his children wisely and love them unconditionally. Call you father today and encourage him! Most importantly, praise and celebrate our Heavenly Father as you worship today.

16 Keith and Danny Singleton will be kicking off the next @StepUP MEN study for men in Cobb, Cherokee, and Fulton counties in North Atlanta on June 18. Men will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30PM through July 30. The study is called NO MAN LEFT BEHIND. Ask God to give Keith and Danny wisdom and favor as they lead dozens of men in a prayer statured journey of building and sustaining a thriving-disciple-making ministry for every man in the community. Pray that men will own and operate men’s discipleship in our community. Ask God to set the movement in motion!

17 Pray for fathers to lead their home in love. May they love their wife and children with the same sacrificial love Jesus has for the church. (Eph 5:25, 33)

18 Marie Tittle will be hosting Nichole and several women for another She Does Him Good Prayer Night. The power of a praying wife could literally transform generations. Ask the Lord to strengthen and support the husbands and children because of the prayers of each woman that attends. 

19 Keith will be the last speaker of a revival emphasis at Constellation Baptist Church in White, GA where Mike Powers is pastor. Ask God to prepare the hearts of each one to hear Keith’s message as from God, for them, in this moment of history. Pray that the Lord Jesus will work in, work on, and work through Keith as he boldly proclaims truth.

20 Buddy Hulsey, Spiritual Director, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Buddy and his wife, Pat. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. As God speaks to Buddy, pray for him as he stands in the gap to lead the spiritual direction of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

21 Pray for fathers to lead their home in devotion to reading God’s word. (Deuteronomy 11:19-22)

22 Keith will be speaking at FBC Blue Ridge, GA where Bob Richardson serves as pastor during the PM service. Pray that God would move in the hearts of families and prepare them for the upcoming Family Camp, Generational Transformation, led by Keith and Nichole July 17-19 at Camp Kaleo in Forsyth, GA.

23 Scott Tittle, Treasurer, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Scott and his wife, Marie. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for Scott as he utilizes his God-given talents to faithfully steward the financial matters of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

24 Pray that your church will bring ministry to men to the forefront of their disciple-making process. Ask God to stir the pastors and staff across America for men and to unite hearts to develop an effective discipleship ministry to men. Pray that your church would become a place where every man is discipled and that no man is left behind. Those boys and girls in the nursery and youth group need your church to build men!

25 Scott Wingard, Board Member, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Scott and his wife, Melissa. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for God to continue to give Scott momentum in challenging men to attend a men’s bible study in their local church.

26 The most strategic investment we can make today is to invest in men. Because when you invest in men, you also invest in wives and children, churches and communities… to the ends of the earth for the glory of God. Pray that God would send new monthly financial partners to come alongside REAL MOMENTUM and help win the battle for men’s souls.

27 “Help Lord, for the godly man ceases…” (Psalm 12:1) Pray for a godly man you know. Pray for God to encourage him in his Christian walk and to maximize his influence to generate real momentum in others to walk as godly men.

28 Kenny Boggs, Secretary, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Kenny and his wife, Christine. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for Kenny to have a clear mind to manage the administrative tasks of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

29 Pray for the Ministries who are in partnership with REAL MOMENTUM. Ministry Ventures,  National Coalition of Ministries to Men, Iron Sharpens Iron, Man in the Mirror, Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva Santiago, Dominican Republic and others.

30 Give God praise for what He has done this month. Thank Him for being faithful, holy, merciful, full of grace and love. May everything done bring glory to God through Jesus, His son.