Continue praying today for the REAL MOMENTUM App. Pray that men are engaging with the content and growing and being challenged to live for God.

Pray that your church will bring ministry to men to the forefront of their disciple-making process. Ask God to stir the pastors and staff across America for men and to unite hearts to develop an effective discipleship ministry to men. Pray that your church would become a place where every man is discipled and that no man is left behind. Those boys and girls in the nursery and youth group need your church to build men!

Pray for God to help men everywhere press in and move on with Him. May the talk stop and the walk start, today! Pray we gain the ground that we have lost on the next generation. Pray God fights through men for men and ignites a movement bringing glory to His Name! Amen

The recent Supreme Court decision has implications that will continue to unfold. Pray for wisdom in how REAL MOMENTUM responds to the attack on Biblical Manhood. Ask God to overrule the Supreme Court by raising up faithful, godly men, now!

5 Champion the Movie begins filming soon in Woodstock, GA and REAL MOMENTUM will be invloved in helping with the prayer strategy and championing the major themes in the movie regarding fatherhood, forgiveness, and foster care. The REAL MOMENTUM logo will be prominently displayed on one of the race cars in the movie. We are asking God to use this opportunity to help men win.

Several men will be participating in tomorrow morning’s prayer conference call at 7:30am. Pray for the men in your life today. It could be a son, a husband, a father, maybe even a brother. Join us in the morning if you can. Let’s lift up all men to our Great God!

Fewer than 10% of U.S. churches are able to establish or maintain a vibrant men’s ministry. Pray that God would burden pastors and all men to begin establishing a viable ministry to men in their church and community. Godly men are needed now more than ever!

Beginning next Monday, Keith will be joining a group of volunteers to invest in players and coaches at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Football Camp at West Georgia University in Carrollton, GA. Keith will be challenging the leaders to live out their faith as faithful, godly men in a leadership track for.

In September, REAL MOMENTUM will be hosting our second annual golf tournament in North Georgia to raise friends and funds for a movement of men. This event last year was crucial in raising awareness for the ministry as well as raising the necessary funds to carry out the vision of seeing men engaged, families encouraged and churches equipped. Please pray that tonight’s Captain Meeting will set the stage for great impact through REAL MOMENTUM.

10 Serving as a missionary to men in the Midwest Region, Clark Osborn of REAL MOMENTUM and his team need prayer for the Lord to bless their fundraising efforts. Pray for the Lord to meet the financial needs as REAL MOMENTUM continues to influence and impact men in the Midwest.

11 Every pastor needs to know that the members of his church have his back and are committed to him as the primary spiritual leader of the church. Please pray for your Pastor today as he shares God’s message.

12 Please pray for men to hold one another accountable in walking in a manner worthy of the Lord. Men need other men in their lives whom they can be open and honest with to avoid being blind in areas that matter. Pray for men you know to find other men who will look them in the eye and tell them the truth. Also, pray they be that kind of man in return.

13 Lift up Clark Osborn, Midwest Regional Director for REAL MOMENTUM, as he begins planning and preparing for the 2016 Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conference. Ask God to prepare each speaker and the volunteers as we anticipate ministering to hundreds of men in the Omaha area.

14  Pray for the REAL MOMENTUM ministry Board of Directors and Advisors. Pray that God would continue to give wisdom and focus to each member and that we will walk by faith and not by sight.

15 FCA Football Camp begins today and will conclude on the 17th. Ask the Lord to work in each man’s life to embrace Biblical Manhood and Leadership for this day. Ask God to raise up a generation of men who are reconciled to God, their families, and the church to the ends of the earth.

16 At the FCA Football Camp, many will hear the Gospel for the first time. May God awaken these men to Who He is and become mighty warriors no matter where they live, work, or play.

17 FCA Football Camp is an opportunity to obey God in the Gospel and the privilege to live it out as men. Pray for these men (no matter their age) to take ownership in who they are and who they will be as future leaders at home and in their community.

18 REAL MOMENTUM leadership team in Omaha. Pray for Clark Osborn, Midwest Regional Director for REAL MOMENTUM, as he leads two new team members, Troy Blaine and Craig Paulsen. Pray for wisdom and grace as these men continue to lead their families. Pray for Clark and his team as they continue to plan for RM conferences for this fall and next spring.

19 Over the last several months there have been many REAL MOMENTUM ministry opportunities in the Midwest. Please pray for favor and blessing with Churches and Pastors as Clark and his team continue to follow up and build relationships with new churches.

20 No nation will outlive the death of real men. At the FCA Football Camp, Keith has a unique opportunity to lead a select group of young men through a track on Biblical Manhood, Character, and Leadership. May God move in such a way that these young leaders embrace the vision of being real men.

21 Another day of investing in the next generation of men. Ask God to help these young men make things right with God and their families so they can lead their generation in a movement of men that walks in victory.

22 By the time this day is over, hundreds of young will have been challenged to the core of who they are right now and who God is calling them to be. Pray this for those who have been challenged: “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

23 Keith will be leading in another FCA opportunity. Today Keith will be speaking into the lives of the coaching staffs in Vidalia, GA. Pray that these leaders of men will hear and see God’s heart for men. 

24 Pray for God to help men win in their marriage. May God give men the desire and power as a husband that honors Him and His Word. Lord Jesus, live through men to touch their wives for Your Glory in Jesus Name, Amen!

25 Please pray for the upcoming REAL MOMENTUM Fall retreat in Omaha, NE. Pray for the RM leadership team as they begin planning for this event. Pray that many men will attend this event and continue a movement of men to be unleashed and unhindered for the glory of God that transforms families and churches to the ends of the earth.

26 Keith will have the privilege of speaking to the Gwinnett Braves and Charlotte Knights before their 2:05 PM Triple-A matchup at Coolray Field. Pray that God would use Keith to speak into the life of each man on both teams. May these men experience REAL MOMENTUM with God, their family, and the church to the ends of the earth.

27 Several men will be participating in tomorrow morning’s prayer conference call at 7:30am. Pray for the men in your life today. It could be a son, a husband, a father, maybe even a brother. Join us in the morning if you can. Let’s lift up all men to our Great God!

28 Perseverance is a quality that is missing in lives of many men today. There are not many men that are finishing well. There are not many who are sticking with it, whatever “it” may be. In cities all across America, as soon as things get difficult many men are looking for a way out. Pray for the men in your life to become a man who presses in and presses through no matter the challenge.

29 Please begin praying for the REAL MOMENTUM for Men ministry event, Leadership & Legacy, scheduled for October 3rd at Noonday Baptist Church. Pastor Crawford Loritts and Pastor Johnny Hunt will be speaking for the one day event. This is going to be a dynamic, God-honoring, life changing event for all men that attend. Begin praying and inviting all men you know to attend.

30 Please pray for Clark as he will be traveling to Colorado today with his son, Nathan, and 200 other men and young men for the Peak Challenge 2015. Peak Challenge is a wilderness experience for men and young men ages 13 years and older. Peak Challenge is designed for men only because it is so very critical that men see Biblical masculinity in action, understand the roles that God has given to them and be free in an environment to be men. 

31 Be in prayer today for the REAL MOMENTUM 1-day Conference at Christian County Baptist Association in Hopkinsville, KY. Please pray for the partnership with area pastors, churches, and leaders designed to help men in their relationship with God, their family, and the church to the ends of the earth.

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