Easter is Coming!

Please take time this month to encourage men, through prayer, to not settle for the role of bystander this Easter. As many men attend church for the first time in a long time, pray that God will grip their heart with the Easter message. Pray they will become more engaged with the message as it impacts and blesses their life.

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1 Pray for men to be eager to hear what the Lord has to say to them through His written Word, His preached Word and His Word shared through song.

2 Pray for those hearing the message of REAL MOMENTUM this month. Pray as they consider partnering financially.

3 Today, Keith will be meeting with the Men’s Ministry Resource and Fulfillment Strategist from the Georgia Baptist Convention. Please pray for this networking opportunity as Keith shares the message of REAL MOMENTUM and how we can work with them in ministering to men.

4 Keith Boggs, Executive Director, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc. Please pray for Keith and his wife, Nichole. Ask God to continue making Himself known personally and powerfully in each of their individual lives and their children. Ask the Lord to continue teaching them and leading them as they work to see REAL MOMENTUM become known as a movement of men that is being unleashed and unhindered for the glory of God transforming families and churches to the ends of the earth.

5 Today, Keith will be in Chattanooga, TN speaking at an Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference. Pray that those attending will be challenged by the messages on REAL MOMENTUM and “Resolving to Love Your Wife” are learning to live out the truths that are shared on today in each seminar.

6 Pray for God to bless men with real momentum today as they lead their families to attend church.

7 Pray for the next generation of men. Pray for a young man you personally know to become a faithful, godly man who will love and lead like Christ.

8 Joe Malloy, Board Chairman for REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.—Please pray for Joe and his wife, Janet. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for Joe to receive the wisdom he needs in his role as Board Chairman.

9 Pray for men that they might not turn away from the truth, but seek counsel from God’s Word amidst the lies of this world.

10 Today, Keith will be at Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN speaking at luncheon with the men from the church. Please Pray as Keith presents a strong challenge for the men in attendance to become moved in their relationship with God, their families and the church. May the men who attend leave the luncheon with momentum, together as a band of brothers.

11 Today, Keith will be conducting a Men’s Ministry Assessment with Bethel Baptist Church in Odenville, AL. Please pray as REAL MOMENTUM looks to equip Bethel Baptist Church to be intentional in developing a Men’s Ministry designed to help men win in their relationship with God, their families and the church.

12 Buddy Hulsey, Spiritual Director, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Buddy and his wife, Pat. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. As God speaks to Buddy, pray for him as he stands in the gap to lead the spiritual direction of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

13 Pray for men who are struggling with disappointment and discouragement from past decisions. Pray they will choose to discover the Lord’s purpose and will operate out of trust in allowing their circumstances to bring glory to Him.

14 Scott Wingard, Board Member, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Scott and his wife, Melissa. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for God to continue to give Scott momentum in challenging men to attend a men’s bible study in their local church. Pray for direction in his role for REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

15 Pray for children to fall in love with Jesus and not this world. Pray they flee youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith and peace. (2 Timothy 2:22)

16 Pray for peace for wives, to pursue God’s grace in all things through prayer and supplication, to open themselves to the guarding of their hearts and minds through our Lord.

17 Pray for men to empty themselves and consider the needs of others more important than their own. May men become servant leaders of their home, church and occupation. (Philippians 2:3-8)

18 Praise the Lord for the effort Jesus made to endure the cross, despising the shame. Let us not be ashamed. Let us rejoice that our sins have been forgiven and our debt paid in full. (Hebrews 12:2)

19 Pray for Pastors and others who will be preparing to share the message of Easter on Sunday. Pray the Lord gives them a life-changing word to share with so many who may not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

20 Victory in Jesus! Pray for the lost and spiritually dead. Pray that many will hear the message of the Resurrection and receive eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. HE IS RISEN!

21 Pray for children to honor their father and their mother. Pray that they attend to their father’s instruction and hold fast to their mother’s teaching. (Proverbs 1:8-9)

22 Scott Tittle, Treasurer, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Scott and his wife, Marie. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for Scott as he utilizes his God-given talents to faithfully steward the financial matters of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

23 Pray for mothers as they train and raise up a new generation of young men and women.  Give them discernment as they help encourage little ears and eyes to walk in godly faith, committed to their families and their Lord.

24 “Help Lord, for the godly man ceases…” (Psalm 12:1) Pray for a godly man you know. Pray for God to encourage him in his Christian walk and to maximize his influence to generate real momentum in others to walk as godly men.

25 Pray for men to become equipped to do the Lord’s will. Pray they say yes when God calls and let Him achieve His purposes through them.

26 Pray for spiritual strength for wives, that they are able to break through insecurities to access the confident strength the Holy Spirit has freely given them, to build up fortifications against the spiritual warfare on their families.

27 Pray for Men to be courageous leaders in their home. Pray they have the courage to stand up and fight for their families. (Neh 4:14)

28 Kenny Boggs, Secretary, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.— Please pray for Kenny and his wife, Christine. Pray God’s blessings over their marriage and family. Pray for Kenny to have a clear mind to manage the administrative tasks of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

29 Pray for the Ministries who are in partnership with REAL MOMENTUM. Ministry Ventures,  National Coalition of Ministries to Men, Iron Sharpens Iron, Man in the Mirror, Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva Santiago, Dominican Republic and others.

30 Give God praise for what He has done this month. Thank Him for being faithful, holy, merciful, full of grace and love. May everything done bring glory to God through Jesus, His son.