Buddy Hulsey, Retired Pharmacist, Adult Sunday School Teacher, and REAL MOMENTUM Board Member

READ Matthew 28:19-20

One of the principles clearly taught throughout Scripture is that of marketplace ministry. It embraces the teachings and the example of Christ Himself.  While Jesus visited the temple frequently, the lions share of His ministry, miracles He performed, and the parables He taught were located among the people.  In giving us the Great Commission, He told us what to do, where to do it, and who’s to do it. God’s plan says, for us to “go and tell” while our plan often says, “ya’ll come and listen.” He called His disciples as they worked in the world and He, Himself, was a carpenter.

Problems arise when we departmentalize our lives into the sacred and the secular.  In so doing we restrict our faith within the brick and mortar of the church building and wall out the world.  Paul says “For me to live (24/7) is Christ.” The church should be the gathering place for the body of Christ and the marketplace should be our mission field.

The world must see Christ through our lives as we interact with them in the marketplace (Matthew 5:16). They must see His compassion, forgiveness, love, values, integrity, and even the quality of His workmanship.  The church should be the reflection of our work in the marketplace, not the limit of it. The instruction and inspiration we receive at the church must, at some point, produce results in the marketplace. Our strategy must be the application of God’s Word where it counts, in the marketplace.

Jesus chose and appointed us that we might go forth (into the world) and bear fruit (John 15:16). 

Father, give me a greater passion for those to whom you have called me, those for whom you died.  

Our strategy must be the application of God’s Word where it counts, in the marketplace. On the @Real_Momentum App. Helping men win. It’s what we do.


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