Ronnie Smith, President/CEO, Ronnie Smith Ministries, Inc.

READ Matthew 11:25-30

Stephen Olford used to quote Vance Havner, by saying, “If you do not come apart, you will come apart.” We all know that over work and stress can cause machinery to break down. But, for some reason, we think the human body is different. For those of you who are over achievers and think it is more spiritual not to use all of your vacation, you quote Philippians 4:13. You have the idea that you would rather burn out than rust out. That used to be my philosophy until I heard Chuck Swindoll say, “It doesn’t matter, either way you are still out!”

God wants us to have margins in our life. Richard Swenson, MD points out in his book, “Margins” that the opposite in our culture is true. He says many of us are overloaded in these areas: Change, choice, commitment, debt, decisions, expectation, fatigue, hurry, information, media, noise, people, possessions, technology, traffic, and work.

Did you know that Jesus was never in a hurry?

Many of your schedules are packed so tight you could not drive a nail in them with a 20lb sledge hammer. If the least little unexpected thing shows up in your day you lose it. Why? Well, the first thing is that the old sin nature has come out but the other is you are so busy that you have no room for interruptions. Your calendar looks like Jim Bob Duggar’s quiver, full!

Listen to Jesus. Get away from the hectic pace. Take a break. Drop some things from your schedule. Worry less about pleasing people and more about pleasing the Lord and spending time with Him.

Is there any margin in your life?

Dear God, grant me the wisdom to know how to rework things so I can have some margin in my life. Then, Lord, help me to carry it out, in Jesus Name, Amen

A quote from today’s devotion on the @Real_Momentum App: “If you do not come apart, you will come apart.”


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