Dennis Wilder, Senior Pastor, Concord Baptist Church, Hopkinsville, KY

READ John 21:15-17

Leadership’s greatest secret is learning how to follow. Jesus had spent three years pouring himself into these disciples and now it was time for them to carry out the Gospel mission that Jesus had begun. Jesus gives Peter a direct command to care for His sheep.

When we learn to follow God’s plan we will be better leaders. Your wife desires a leader. Your children desire a leader. Your work wants a leader, but the best way for you to lead is by following. God’s plan, no matter how unpopular, is always right. So as you lead in the home lead by the values given in the Scriptures. When you lead at work keep Biblical ethics.

Don’t run from leadership but embrace it and follow through seeking God as your strength to do what is right. The answer is found in your love. Our love of God will determine our leadership strength, because God gives us confidence to accomplish His work.

Read a little further in John 21 and Peter asks about another disciple and his fate. Jesus answers Peter’s question saying, It doesn’t matter about him, “Your follow me!” It doesn’t matter what other Dads are doing around you, follow the Lord. It doesn’t matter what other employees are doing, follow God’s plan. You have a direct command from God, be a Godly leader and accomplish His mission.

God I will follow your leadership today and I will lead my family in Godly matters from this moment on. Amen.

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