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I know, I know, I know… it’s not even November and I’m already talking about Christmas. There’s a big reason why! My friend, Mike Young, has been intentionally pouring his life into men. He founded Nobel Warriors ( in 2005 with a vision for men to walk with Christ and lead their families.

He recently sent me a big box, full of wood. But, there was more in that box than wood. It was filled with inspiration and instruction, encouragement and empowerment for me to build into my boys and girls, it was called The Manger Build – A Tool for Building Men

I knew the package was on the way so I took Joshua and Stephen with me to Home Depot to get them their first tool, a hammer for each. Ouch! Then, when got home, we unpacked the box together and I shared with them that they were going to build a manger together and scheduled the next morning as the project date. 

Man, we were pumped up! And ole snaggle-toothed Joshua couldn’t stop smiling… 

So the next morning, out we went and with very little help from their Dad, Joshua and Stephen built a manger in less than an hour. The instruction guide was clear with tips and pictures. They were fun to watch. When they finished, they it took inside, upstairs, downstairs, all over the house, then back outside again. They also took it across the street to show their friend what they had built, with their Dad!


Stephen at work

Stephen at work

Joshua focusing

Joshua focusing

It was very special, and still is. Right now, the manger is in their room and we look forward to using it to keep Christ in front of Christmas. Let me encourage you to get The Manger Build for the men and families in your church. It will be a big win for everyone! 

The Manger Build: A Tool for Building Men is a unique resource that will equip and encourage your men to do just that. A man in your church works with other men to prepare for The Manger Build event. Dads bring their kids (or someone else’s) to build a life-sized manger from material that the men prepare in advance, but the big win is in the follow up. 

Each dad receives a participant’s guide with building instructions and Dad’s Tools for Spiritual Leadership. Dad uses the manger in seven days of object lesson devotions that will keep the family focused on Christ. 

Would you please take a moment to watch this Big Idea video about The Manger Build? Prayerfully consider using The Manger Build Church Resource Kit to launch a great win for your men, your families and your church. This is the best resource we can suggest as we look ahead to Christmas. It is simple, it is life changing and it is another firm step forward in equipping your men for spiritual leadership in the home!

Let me know if I can help you in getting this resource to help the men in your church step up to true manhood and build a manger with their kids or someone else’s. Go to to learn more. 

For a Movement of Men,


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  • Tim green says:

    This is awesome . When my daughters were small we would go to lowes on sat once a month and build stuff they furnish everything. We grew so much closer. Thank you for sharing this may God bless you

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