Father’s Day is this Sunday (June 21st) and it’s so exciting to what God is doing through the Honor Your Father Campaign. Partnering with the Fatherhood CoMission, we have aligned with hundreds of organizations and leaders as one movement focused on obeying one commandment, Exodus 20:12, Honor Your Father… 

We’ve put together some videos for you to look at and think through how you can honor your father. We believe that God will be pleased and use your obedience in a powerful way… much like the video stories you will see. You could also see other powerful videos at honoryourfathertoday.com.

Hundreds of thousands of people are being reached with this message that dads are important and worthy of honor. Forgiveness, less resentment, and reconciliation is occurring!

Keep praying for many men, women, boys, and girls to obey the Heavenly Father’s command to honor dads and in turn men will step up and engage with their kids, marriages will be saved, and their walk with God will increase.

Helping Men Win. It’s What We Do.

Honor Your Father Today

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