Dannie Williams, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lyons, GA

READ James 4:1-12

I lived much of the early years of my Christian life, and at times today, focusing on the outer man so as to get the approval of others.  Some would call that self-righteousness.  When I began to study James 4 I realized that this problem was not external.  In verse 1 James questions the source of quarrels and conflicts among us. He answers the question with a question, “Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?” (NKJV)  The problem is internal.

As you walk through this passage you will discover the issue is passion for approval from others.  In verse 4 God says that this passion for the approval of others could be summed up as spiritual adultery and sets us at odds with God.  In verse 5 He reminds us that when we pursue this approval we are denying the Holy Spirit the right to control our lives.  James realizing our need of help in winning this battle tells us in verse 6 that God provides adequate grace for us to win in this battle.

To win, as verse 7 says, we must stop rejecting God’s ways and submit to Him.  At the same time we must resist the temptation from Satan to satisfy the flesh.  James describes this process as drawing near to God which brings about a response of Him drawing near to us.

This passage concludes by challenging us to cleanse our hands (confession), purify our hearts (repentance),  humble ourselves, and when we do God will honor us.

Lord Jesus, I want to win the war within me. Help me to crucify my flesh and as I draw near to You, I humbly wait for You to draw near to me. Give me the desire and power to want You want for me in every situation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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