Keith Boggs, Founder, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries, Inc.

READ Exodus 20:12

To honor is to show abundant, merited respect; to affirm great worth and value. In addition to that, to honor is to affirm a person’s worth and value apart from their imperfections. It is to separate a person’s worth and value from their behavior, just as Christ has done for us. 

My wife, Nichole, and I are grateful for the men God chose to be our fathers. We have had the honor of watching our Heavenly Father transform their lives over the last 18 years. Take a few moments and watch this video we put together and get a little glimpse of the greater story in how God is using these great men (Gene Boggs and Mike Williams) in our lives as well as our children’s lives. 

Honor our Great God by honoring your father in some way before Father’s Day, which is on June 21st. I’ve listed just a few ways to honor your father in the coming days below, you can get more ideas at

1. Pray for Him. One of the greatest ways to honor someone is to pray for them. Would you take time over the next several days leading up to Father’s Day and lift your Dad high in prayer? Pray for continued spiritual growth and that he would finish strong as a man of God.

If your father is not a believer, ask God to save him and be ready to be used like Darryl Strawberry was when reconciled with his Dad. Watch his powerful testimony HERE!

2. Forgive Him. You may be like many who need to forgive your Dad. Engage the difficult process of forgiving your Dad and release him for the things he did poorly, today. I’ve seen men go to the gravesite to do this and I’ve also seen men write a letter and do this. However the Lord leads, this must be done! 

In order to forgive him and pray for him, you need to try and see your Dad in a new light. Maybe some of the ways your Dad failed you are reflections of how his father failed him. He didn’t know how to give you what his father didn’t give him so forgive him and turn those wounds into worship.

3. Encourage Him. Your Dad is more important than he thinks. As a matter of fact, he is more important than you think. Find ways to tell him that he matters to you. Write him a letter, send a text message, or call him. Men by the thousands are hurting today, and your Dad is probably one of them. Do what you can to show him that he is important. The world, the flesh, and the devil is telling him that he’s not. 

Heavenly Father, may thousands of men find ways to honor You in how they obey the clear command of ‘honor your father’ in Exodus 20:12. Please help the fathers of our day feel the prayers, forgiveness, and encouragement needed to impact the next generation, beginning in their own homes. Be glorified Jesus!

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