Psalm 12:1 says “Help, LORD, for the godly man ceases and the faithful disappear from among the sons of men.” There has never been a time in this generation that our Nation has had a greater need for men to begin leading their own life, their family, their church, and their community.

In fact, men in the church face the same challenges and frustrations as men outside the church. In Pat Morely’s book, No Man Left Behind, the following statement puts the challenge before us

For every ten men in the church:

  • 9 will have children who leave the church
  • 8 will not find their jobs satisfying.
  • 6 will pay the monthly minimum on their credit card bills.
  • 5 will have a major problem with pornography.
  • 4 will get divorced–affecting 1 million children each year.
  • Only 1 will have a biblical worldview.
  • All 10 will struggle to balance work and family.

With a burden for men that was birthed through his own struggles as a man, Keith Boggs launched REAL MOMENTUM Ministries at the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference in February of 2013. As a pastor, he would bring dozens of men to the annual men’s conferences at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA over the years. 

Combining a professional background in marketing and development with more than a decade of pastoral ministry experience Keith leads REAL MOMENTUM Ministries with motivation and passion for ministering to the family and church, primarily focusing on men by leading men’s prayer summits, retreats and conferences that focus on marriage, parenting, and family.

He and his wife, Nichole, serve together by equipping churches and encouraging families with a heart to see every man become unleashed and unhindered for the glory of God, ultimately transforming families and churches to the ends of the earth. They have been married for 15 years and have eight children: Madison, Morgan, Mallory, Meghan, Joshua, Stephen, Maleah, and Mercy.

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