Pastor John Webb, Missionary in Santiago, Dominican Republic

READ Genesis 28:1-16

JACOB, JACOB, JACOB – how easy it would be to shake our head at Jacob.   He was a corrupt man. Esau even wanted to kill him.  After running miles and miles, he lays his head down one night and God comes to him! If there were anybody who did not deserve God’s blessing it would be Jacob.  But it was Jacob who received God’s blessings, provisions and his presence. 

Isn’t that just like God?  It is the Grace of God.  The truth is—if there was anyone who did not deserve God’s peace, God’s promises nor the presence of God—it is ME!  I am so thankful for the grace of God in my Life.  Maybe you’re feeling right now… “My life is such mess, or things are just falling apart.” 

Jacob’s dream consisted of a ladder that came out of heaven and touched the earth and angles went up and down that ladder.  So much depended on that ladder.  The ladder signifies a connection between God and Man.  He links himself to man.  How thankful I am for God’s grace! Jesus Christ came to earth and became that ladder.  If we take that ladder away, there is no other way to God. 

But so often we get busy, or we are so concerned with the things of this world that we even forget about the presence of God.  In Genesis 28:15-16, Jacob awakes from his dream and didn’t even realize that the Lord’s presence was with him. 

Me, let’s run to the ladder today!  He is a relational God.  He wants a relationship with you today.  Through Jesus you have access to his blessings, provisions, and presence. 

LORD God, it is my desire is that I can feel your presence today!

After running miles and miles, he lays his head down one night and God comes to him! @Real_Momentum App


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