Steven Kegley, First Baptist Church—St. Marys, GA, Sr. Pastor

READ Colossians 3:12-14

The world today is full of people who want a pound of flesh for any transgression done against them. The concept of being a forgiving person is not even on the radar of the everyday Joe.

God’s Word is very clear that forgiveness is a necessary practice in the life of a true man of God. In fact Jesus would bluntly say, “If you want to be forgiven then you must forgive”Matt.6:15. So how does forgiveness build me into a man of character that can practice forgiveness God’s way?

The man of character must put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, and perseverance (3:12). Without these Fruit of the Spirit being evident in our lives forgiveness will not happen. Forgiveness unlocks the door for these Christ-like traits to flow through our lives into the lives of those who have trespassed against us.

The man of character works at bearing with those who seem unbearable (3:13). This is where the rubber meets the road in Christian forgiveness. Easy to do? NO! Important to do? YES! Even when I would rather do a masculine act verbally or physically to remedy the situation? Even then—forgive! (Matt. 18:22) There is no limit to God’s forgiveness directed toward me and He expects me to reciprocate that forgiveness.

And after displaying the Fruit of the Spirit the Bible says, “above all these things put on love” (3:14). Now that does it! That’s just more than a man can do! You are absolutely right! It is more than a mere man can do. But, it is not more than a man of God can do. (Phil. 4:13)  The result of this courageous act of ongoing forgiveness is the “bond of perfection” through Christ ruling in our heart. A completeness that only comes to the man of God who will travel down the road of forgiveness.

Dear Lord Jesus, help me forgive as You forgive. I truly desire to walk in your forgiveness and I know I can only do that as I forgive others. Please empower me to practice forgiveness and develop into a godly man of character. In Jesus Name. Amen.   

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