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READ Psalm 12:1

7. The influence of women (our wives, mothers, and daughters) are key to a movement of men. I believe that God will use women in igniting a movement of men. I believe He will move through women who cry out to Him in a season of prayer for their husbands, fathers, and sons rather than attending the next bible study. The wife was created to be her husband’s helpmeet. She is critical to any movement toward God in his life and when she lovingly comes under her husband, she not only influences him, but she also influences other women to do so as well. May every wife, mother and daughter do him good by crying out to God for a movement of men!

Men, ask God to burden your wife to pray for you!

8. Most men will respond when they are challenged to the core of who they are as a man, but they need help. I am convinced that when the Word of God and the Spirit of God go to work in the heart of a man he will respond. We need to be sensitive as to how to help men when they do encounter God because no man should have to walk through trials and tribulations alone.

I am praying for God to call men up, families to call men in, and churches to call men out! The great thing about that prayer is that He is already answering it! Start praying that prayer with me and watch God move in the hearts of men.

9. Men in the second quarter of life (age 26-44) need to reconcile their relationship with their earthly father. The battlefield for most young men today is littered with the broken marriages of their father and mother, bondage to addictions in trying to find relief from their pain. There are ever-reaching tentacles of pride, insecurity, fear, and unbelief that plague their mind and emotions while they contemplate what the future holds for them as husbands and fathers. Most men between 20-40 years of age are hurting and are having a hard time finding help. We all need to step up and help these men!

One of the areas I have found God do His greatest work is in helping a man make things right with his earthly father, whether the father is living or not. This must happen if we’re going to see a move of God. He gave us the ministry of reconciliation because He knew we’d need it.

Lord, keep answering prayer! Answer the prayers of our wives after You’ve given them a heart to cry out to You in prayer for us. I pray that You raise up men who challenge men to the core of who they are as a man. Keep it up LORD! Thank You for what is taking place in the hearts of men, families, and churches to the ends of the earth, Amen.

Most men will respond when they are challenged to the core of who they are as a man, but they need help. @Real_Momentum App

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