Keith Boggs, Founder, REAL MOMENTUM Ministries

READ Psalm 12:1

We have been and will continue to pray for a movement of men. I want you to join us as I share some lessons that I have learned as a missionary to men. The reality is that there are some lessons that we must never forget, especially in ministering to men. We’ve got to find a way in joining God to help them win.

Here we go…

1. Men are hungry for discipleship no matter where they are on the planet. Having been in several states and one foreign country ministering to hundreds of men, it is obvious that men of all ages want more. I see hungry souls and thirsty spirits whether they are in the north or south and in between. The lack of Biblical manhood is a global issue.

The average man you know, whether he’s in your church or not, knows, deep down, that he could be more than he has become. What are you and I doing to help him become that man? He needs your prayers and with God’s help he can come to life!

2. Churches struggle to provide meaningful, transformational discipleship for men of all ages. If we were to honestly evaluate church ministry to men we would have to conclude that a large majority of churches do not value men. Men’s ministry in most churches is an after thought and most churches do not have an equipping strategy to help their men be faithful husbands, loyal dads, spiritual leaders, trustworthy churchmen, etc.

The truth is that the devil has a much more effective plan to reach men than do most churches.

Patrick Morley brings clarity to the deficiency of church ministry to men, “I love the church, but the church on the whole has not been able to muster an ongoing will or comprehensive strategy to disciple men. Pastoring men is not a top priority in any denomination based upon their actual allocations of financial and intellectual resources.” 

3. The most powerful team on the planet is a husband and wife walking in oneness before a Holy God. And men, God has called you to be the MVP whether you are married or not. I really believe this. As much as I love the Georgia Bulldogs and as good as they are (to me) and as hard as I pull for them to win when they play between the hedges or in any other venue… I have come to the conclusion that the team I must be rooting for, praying for, helping, encouraging, cheering, strengthening, coaching with all of my heart and soul is the husband and wife team, beginning with me and Nichole. I long to see families win. Starting with men, we can get on a winning streak that will help thousands of generations be anchored in Christ.

God, help me as a man! I so long to be a faithful man of God. I want to grow and mature in every area of responsibility and leadership. With Your help, I will be what You want in this day! Lord encourage my wife to pray for me and help me win as a man. God, I need You to rally other men around me to speak into my life as a husband and father. May I capture some momentum as a man today. In Jesus Name, Amen!

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