Scott Cannon, Senior Pastor, Pump Springs Baptist Church, Harrogate, TN

READ Malachi 4:6

Dad, do you know what you children want most from you? The chances are that it is not what you think. I have four children that have taught me so much over that last 22 years. My children presently are age 22, 20, 15 and 12 and each of them have taught me a valuable lesson about what they want from me. They want my heart.

My children’s real desire from me is not the house that I provide for them, it is not the toys and sports gear that I give them, it is not the electronic gadgets that I give them, it is not the designer clothing that I give them, it is not the daily food and snacks that I give them… and I could keep on listing stuff and things. I am sure you have your on list.

Each of my children have clearly stated to me that the greatest thing I can give them is “ME.” My kids want me to be involved in their lives on an ongoing daily basis.

What are you giving your children? Are you giving them stuff (what they really don’t want) or are you giving them yourself (what they really want)?

Don’t fool yourself dad. If you are giving your kids everything in the world and not giving them YOU, then you are robbing your children of the greatest thing they need and want. Our kids know we love them by the amount of time that we give them.

So, dad that means that you and I need to reschedule much of our calendar and give the needed time to our children. As my children grow older and some getting married… I am reminded that I only have them for a short season. Therefore, I must give the needed time that they deserve and invest in their lives.

NOTE: Hey men! This would also be true for our wives. In this same thought you could take the word “wife” and replace it each time you see the word “kids” or “children” and it would also be true. Give your wife the time she desperately needs and longs for as well.

Dear God, help me invest more in my children, each day. May I look back over the long haul and see the fruit of spending time with my children. Help me adjust so I do not get distracted because time is moving on. Slow me down as a Dad and help me win the hearts of each one of my children. In Jesus Name! Amen.

Don’t fool yourself dad. Our kids know we love them by the amount of time that we give them. @Real_Momentum App


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