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There may be several of us that have experienced “buck fever” or have had a good fish hooked, only to have the line break. What about the last 9 seconds of the 2012 SEC Championship game when Georgia was on the five yard-line?  We could spend hours telling stories of missed opportunities.

Sitting in a hunting stand on a cold, crisp morning watching a whitetail deer in his habitat always gets my adrenaline racing. Another great feeling is the bite and tug of a nice fish on the end of the fishing line. Pure excitement! Growing up hunting and fishing were great joys of my childhood. I was blessed to have a father who taught me and my brothers many things about being a sportsman. He was very successful and I desired to be as accomplished as he was. I would often ask his opinion on which fishing lure to use to catch the most fish or which hunting stand would be the best to harvest a deer. He was an unselfish leader as a sportsman. He enjoyed our accomplishments as sportsmen, maybe more than he did his own. He would often do his best to make sure that my twin brother, Keith, and I would get the best spots ahead of him. However, he always seemed to outdo us. Read More