Ronnie Smith, President CEO of Ronnie Smith Ministries, Inc.

READ Luke 14:27

Jesus was making a bold statement that was tying genuine belief to following Jesus. He knew that everyone who was in the crowd that day was not following Him from the heart. Some were there just to see what He did next. Others were pondering whether or not they wanted to be all in. You can’t be a fence straddler and a follower at the same time.

Jesus uses the Roman cross for His illustration. Everyone knew that if they saw someone coming down the road with a cross beam on their back, surrounded by soldiers, they were headed to a place where they would be executed. The cross was a symbol of death. The cross was despised. Jesus used this to help people, then and now, to see that following Him is not easy; it is not something that the majority will do; and it is costly.

Some have said their cross to bear is the weird relative in their family or the disease they may have. I don’t think this is what Jesus had in mind. Those are trials and lost people have these trials too. They are not carrying a cross.

I believe there are 5 areas of carrying our cross in the life of the believer.

1. Obeying the word of God.

2. Denying ourselves and our fleshly appetites.

3. Serving others.

4. Suffering harm for the sake of the gospel.

5. Being willing to die for the sake of the gospel.

Are you able to say I am doing these things, and or willing to endure those things that come upon you? If not you can’t be a disciple. Turn to Him now and ask His forgiveness.

Dear God, I surrender every area of my life to you. Help me to obey You, deny my flesh, serve others, and be willing to suffer harm and even death if You so choose. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

@Real_Momentum today: Others were pondering whether or not they wanted to be all in. What about you? 


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