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When men are not called up to be men this encroaching malignancy of passivity sets in deeply. Unless something changes in the hearts of men, the future of many families and churches in America will continue to be shaped by passive men whose weak leadership will negatively affect another generation of children.




However, be encouraged! I want to tell you that I have been watching men move. God has led me to call men out, when called out, I’ve been seeing many of them stand with their arms lifted high in surrender, and it’s been moving.

I believe that when a man surrenders to Almighty God, he actually wins. As a matter of fact, everybody wins! The number of men responding is well into the hundreds so far this year. Seeing men from generation to generation from the Dominican Republic to men in more than a dozen states from the US stand acknowledging their need for help in being faithful, godly men is refreshing. 


When it comes to Biblical manhood, not only are we a confused culture, we are a confused church. For decades the feminists have been telling women to “Rise up and be strong!” and telling men to “Sit down and be quiet!” 

Dr. Crawford Loritts, Sr. Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA, recently made the following statement on Father’s Day this year…

We are living in an extraordinarily dangerous time, and that is not an overstatement when it comes to men. Everything in the culture is going up against–and I don’t mean to sound like some powerless victim here–but everything in the culture is going against what we believe is a biblical definition and framework of what a man should be. This is not an overstatement.

The bottom line is this… men are more important than they think they are. And, they are more important than we think they are. Think with me for a moment… isn’t it true that when a man fails he doesn’t just ruin his own life, he usually takes down a good woman and two, three, or more children with him? Many of today’s problems in our culture and in our churches can be traced back to the failure of a man. 

But, there is a movement of men on the rise! I have been watching them, and I am moved. I see them, by the hundreds, acting like men and becoming strong as they stand to their feet with their arms lifted high in surrender. I see them becoming responsible, repentant, and revived! God is at work in the lives of men. I am so glad that I am one of them and a part of the movement!

For a Movement of Men,



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  • Paul says:

    Hey there, great article please keep them coming. Do you do real momentum conferences in Canada? Would be great to go to one.


  • Tim green says:

    This site is such a blessing. It lifts me up and helps me stay strong. Thank you

  • Tim green says:

    So glad God has brought you into my family’s life. God has showed me so much when you came to our church at community baptist But. Love what you have been sending it is helping me and my family grow stronger. God bless you and your family because you are ours. Love the greens

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