A Rekindled Marriage!

By February 21, 2013Blog

I would like to share with you a story about a wife being honest about her struggle with her husband of over 30 years. She would become broken before the Lord and transparent and open before other people. I had the privilege of ministering to her and her husband during a Life Action Revival Summit in NE Ohio in May 2012. Early in the week, God broke in and the wife wrote the following prayer in response to how God dealt with her during one of our services:

God found me angry and bitter toward my husband for not loving me as Christ loved the church… God found me un-submissive and full of pride and hypocrisy… God found me judgmental and critical of my husband… God found me ungrateful, complaining, shirking my responsibilities. Today, I am asking God for His grace to turn from my sin and to choose forgiveness and submission and humility and gratefulness and contentment and diligence and praise.

She asked to meet with me after the service. As we met, with a broken and contrite spirit, she confessed all of the things she had already written out to God on paper. As we talked, I felt that she was also harboring some bitterness and she agreed and I counseled her to share all of these feelings with her husband and to ask for his forgiveness. She would later write in a testimony letter:

“Talking with Keith, he pointed out that there was some bitterness from some past issues. Bitterness sounds so ugly, but it was true. I confessed to God, then my husband and it has broken down some long established barriers between me and my husband.”

The story continues. Just before one of the last services, her husband thanked me for talking with his wife. He told me of her confession to him. He also told me that he had forgiven her. He was so grateful for how God had dealt with their marriage. He talked about how they started praying and reading Scripture together since that time and of their plans to continue. He was rejoicing! So was I!

On the last night, I saw them worshiping together near the front. During the song, Jesus Messiah, I saw her hand reach into the sky and her index-finger pointing toward heaven while she sang the following words… Jesus Messiah, Name above all names. Blessed Redeemer, Emmanuel. The rescue for sinners. The ransom from Heaven. Jesus Messiah, Lord of all. All our hope is in You. All our hope is in You. All the glory to You, God!

My eyes filled with tears as I sang… praising God for seeing revival fires rekindle a marriage!



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